TT Spotlight: Lil’ Bratney

Wheels of Justice season opens this weekend with the Purple vs White bout and we couldn’t be more excited! For those of you who are new around here, the Purple vs White bout is an exhibition bout featuring the entire roster of the Wheels of Justice. It is an amazing display of athleticism and fun. To help launch their season, we want to introduce you to another new member of the team: Lil’ Bratney!

Photo Credit: Ben Ma Photography

What is the origin of your derby name? Lil’ Bratney is a merging of my real name, Brittany, and the name my dad loving called me all my life, Brat. The Lil’ was added because when I started derby I was a tiny little twig so it fit.

When did you start skating? Started derby in March 2012. I didn’t have prior skating experience outside of rollerblading a bit as a kid.

Position played? Jammer

Where did you transfer from? Cherry City Roller Derby, Salem, OR

How did you discover roller derby? In 2010 a coworker of my husband’s who skated for RCR suggested I check it out. I went to a bout and thought “I can do that” but, I had just started a new job and wasn’t ready for another new thing. A year later I made a friend who skated for Cherry City (just south of RCR) and she encouraged me to join although, she had a broken ankle from derby at the time. Fast forward another year and I finally got up the courage to join at Cherry City.

Did you play sports before derby? I’d always been more inclined to the individual sports – I was a classical dancer for 16 years doing ballet, tap, jazz, and lyrical. I also snowboarded for years.

Can you spot Brat in this picture?

What derby/skating skill did you or do you struggle with the most? You’ll often hear me on the track saying to myself or my friends “can I get a new left foot please?!” Why are left footed skills so dang hard?!

Why did you move to Portland? We moved to Portland in 2009 from Gunnison, CO, sight unseen, with no real plan but, with dreams of city living. We now live in Salem but, still love Portland.

Favorite thing about Portland? ALL THE FOOD

Favorite thing to do outside derby? I love cross training and puppies. Not together, although that would be pretty awesome!

Who was the object of your most embarrassing teenage celebrity obsession? Eminem

What do you love about the sport / have you learned from the sport? I have learned so much about myself as an individual thanks to derby and the community. I honestly don’t believe I would actually be proud of the person I am today without derby. Plus, I live for competition and derby is excellent for that!

How do you balance life and being on TT? I thrive on planning and scheduling, logistics are my thing. Having my weeks planned out months in advance ensures I know and can make my commitments. Plus I am better equipped to know when I need to say no to something in life or derby so I can be the best teammate, friend, wife, or coworker I can be.

3 Things you want to accomplish in 2017? Left footed skating skills! Lift heavier things! Be the best teammate for my team!

Advice for any new skaters out there?Your derby journey is just that, yours. Love every moment of it, good and bad. Be open to and embrace the personal growth journey that is an amazing side effect of derby and most of all, have fun!

Thanks Lil Bratney for chatting with us and welcome to Rose City Rollers! We are so excited to see her skate in the Purple vs White bout on March 24th at the Hangar!


Carousel image photo credit: Ben Ma Photography