TT Skater and Derby Daze Coach Spotlight: Vanna Curtis #93

Rose City Rollers is such an awesome league that we have skaters transferring here from all over the country at all different levels of game play. One of those transfers is Vanna Curtis #93. We caught up with Vanna to chat and about life and roller derby!

Photo credit: Keary Ortiz

Fun fact: Vanna was a Cliff Diver at bizarro Mexican Restaurant in Denver, Casa Bonita!

When did you start skating and where did you transfer from?

I started skating in 2011 with the Big Easy Rollergirls in New Orleans. I put on quad skates for the first time in my life at tryouts and I SUCKED! I transferred here from Denver Roller Derby.

Why did you move here from Denver?

Last season I came to Eugene to play with Denver. I wanted to spend some time in Portland after the tournament and check out some skateparks. My friend who I had planned to stay with in Portland bailed on me, so I hit up an old friend to crash on his couch. We had an amazing time and I totally fell in love with the guy. After champs  last season, I moved in with him.

What kind of sports did you play before roller derby?

I was a gymnast and a diver. I also competed in trampoline and tumbling meets and won a national championship for power tumbling when I was a teenager.

Why roller derby?

It’s my first team sport, and I’ve learned to work with and trust my teammates in order to be successful on the track. I love the bond my teammates and I share, it’s really special.

Photo credit: Regularman

With all your spare time (cute, right?) what do you love to do?

I’m on the Moxi skate team and I like rollerskating at skateparks a lot. I also enjoy tequila and hanging out with my dogs, fish, and lizard.

 Any advice for new skaters

You should only compare yourself to your old self, and never to another skater.