TT Skater and Derby Daze Coach Spotlight: Frisky Biscuits #1

What a busy summer! Wheels of Justice is just back from their stint in The Big Easy at Sweatfest and are ready to coach Derby Daze on August 11-13th and take on Rat City on August 19th. In between practice, scrimmage, and crossfit, we were able to catch up with jammer Frisky Biscuits and chat a bit!

Photo credit: Keary Ortiz

How did you come to discover derby? Did you play sports before derby?

I was skating around the local rink in Santa Cruz with some kids I was taking care of and a local derby girl approached me and basically said I should come check out a practice, I showed up with nothing but my skates and an old bike helmet and the women there threw all the spare gear they had at me and I haven’t looked back since. I never played sports before but I’ve always been very competitive and always loved skating.

What is the origin of your derby name?

I wanted to be Whisk-her Biscuits because I thought it was fun and silly but my old league didn’t feel like that was “family friendly”, so Frisky it is.

How long have you been skating?

5 years

What other teams have you played for, and when did you transfer to RCR?

Originally I skated with a rec league in the Santa Cruz mountains, then I did brief stints with a team called the Mizfitz and also in Monterey before playing for Santa Cruz Derby Girls. I transferred to RCR a year and a half ago.

What made you want to move to Portland and join WOJ?

Love 😉

How long have you been on TT?

This is my 2nd season.

After you transferred, you really quickly moved up into the rostered jammer rotation. What did you have to do to start making rosters?

I just try to work as hard as I can and do my best.

Coming to Rose from another league can be a bit of a shock for some. What is your advice for transfers who move from “big fish, small pond” leagues to a team like WOJ?

Photo credit: Regularman Photography

I don’t think it matters where you come from, coming to a new team gives you a bit of culture shock. It can be really hard but you also get to learn so much from skating at such a high level.

What are your goals right now?

Right now I’m really trying to develop a style of jamming that feels right for me and has the right mix of speed, strength and agility with but also with some cool shit thrown in. I want to feel confident every time I go on the track that I have the ability to adjust my play to destroy any wall I come across.


What makes being on WOJ worth it?

Knowing that I’m on the best team in the world is pretty cool. I don’t mind those gold medals we got last year either.

Other than skating, what has derby taught you over the years?

Derby has taught me to not give up just because something is hard or frustrating.

What is the best derby advice you have received over the years? And what advice do you have for skaters looking to join their league’s travel team?

“You have to be undeniably good”. Derby is hard and sometimes I end up telling myself oh you just have to be good enough, but I know in my heart that shouldn’t be my goal. You should always try to be better than the very best.

Don’t let anyone tell you you’re not good enough. I was sat down by a coach in my old league and told that I would never make it as a high level jammer because I was too fat, but I didn’t let that stop me from working hard for what I wanted.

Catch Frisky Biscuits as a coach at Derby Daze on August 11-13th and on the track jamming against Rat City Roller Girls on August 19th!