TT Skater and Derby Daze Coach Spotlight: Beyond Thunderdame #16

Derby Daze and our August Wheels of Justice bouts are right around the corner! To continue our chats with WOJ skaters and DD coaches, we caught up with recent transfer Beyond Thunderdame. Dame hit Rose City like a storm last fall, getting picked up by the Break Neck Betties and then Wheels. She is also coaching our recreational team, the Wreckers! She is such an asset to the Rose family, we are stoked to sit down and chat about Mad Max and MC Hammer.

How did you come to discover derby? Did you play sports before derby?

I had some friends, Lenore Gore and Clawed Monet, that played derby and planted the idea in my head that I might enjoy it. It took me years to actually get up the courage to try out! I hadn’t played sports since I was 16, but I did ride a bike everywhere.

What is the origin of your derby name?

Two women enter. One woman leaves.

How long have you been skating?

I started skating in September 2013.

What other teams have you played for, and when did you transfer to RCR?

I started skating with Big Easy Rollergirls in New Orleans, and transferred to Rose in September 2016.

What made you want to move to Portland and join WOJ?

I wanted the opportunity to learn from the best skaters and coaches in the world. I’d already gotten to experience their excellent training firsthand when Left Turn Coaching put on a clinic in New Orleans. I grew up in Oregon City, so taking the chance to come play roller derby for my hometown team was something of a dream for me.

How are you finding practices and scrimmages with the team so far?

Intense, challenging, competitive, and inspiring. Everything I was hoping for.

WOJ has a team of jammers and specific “jammer time”. What do you learn at jammer time, and what do you like most about it?

Stop. Jammertime! Like the name implies, we learn and hone skills that help us say “U can’t touch this” as we get through the pack.

You’re working so hard and improving at such a rapid rate! What are your goals for the rest of the 2017 season?

Photo credit: Regularman Photography

Thanks! I really want to continue to mesh with my teammates and get better at playing with my offense.

What makes being on WOJ worth it?

My incredible teammates. I’m constantly in awe of the people around me. It’s not just their talent and dedication, but the quality of their character. Practicing and competing at this level can be exhausting, not just physically, but mentally and emotionally as well.

Other than skating, what has derby taught you over the years?

A sport is a just a sport. Roller derby to me has been about the wonderful people I’ve met and the challenges we overcome to learn and succeed at this game.

Register for Derby Daze and skate with Beyond Thunderdame! And don’t forget to grab tickets to the Rose/Seattle bouts to grab a glimpse of her on the track!

Carousel photo credit: Frank LaVelle