The Rose City Rollers’ Rockets training program prepares skaters for derby play at the competitive level by providing the skills and conditioning necessary to play for one of the four RCR home teams. All incoming skaters are required to take part in the Rockets program to be eligible for a league draft.

Interested in playing competitive roller derby with the Rose City Rollers? If you have previous derby experience and would like to transfer, please email for more information. Skating assessments for transfers are typically held on the third Thursday and Saturday of each month.

If you are new to roller derby and want to give skating a try, consider checking out the Wreckers program to learn roller derby basics. Wreckers is also a great fit for those who have played before but don’t have the time to commit to Rockets training or an RCR home or travel team.

Interested in becoming a Rose City Roller, but the financial commitment feels prohibitive right now? Don’t fret! Rose City Rollers is committed to making derby as accessible as possible and to that end have launched the Rob Lobster Memorial Scholarship in memory of our friend and coach. Check out this page to learn more about our scholarship programs!

Rockets Mission Candidates

Angela Death

Damage Report, Captain

Delta Velocity

Doof Warrior, Captain

Freddie HerFury

Mies van der Roll

Lady Painicorn

Stab Mittens

Vixen Price