Rose City vs. Rat City Recap

Bout #1: Heartless Heathers vs. Sockit Wenches

French Tickler and Tatty Munster shut down the Sockit Wenches. Photo by LocksDragon.

The Heathers started off-balance with a cut major by Scratcher in the Eye, sending her to the box in the very first jam. The Wenches quickly took a 23-0 lead, until the combination of jammers Scratcher and The Blast Unicorn and a strong four wall that consisted of French Tickler, Mel Mangles, Effy Stone ‘Em, and Tatty Munster put the Heathers on the board. We first saw an interesting move by Rat City in this bout, where some jammer on jammer action led to the Wenches’ jammer skating backwards around the entire track until Slay Miserables, jamming for the Heathers, was able to hop onto the track right in front of the pack. Two huge jams in favor of Rose City narrowed the point differential even further, paving the way for a lead change in the Heathers’ favor in the next jam. The Heathers held and extended their lead with strong, controlled pack play and some quick footed jamming, securing a final score of 95-72 for the Heathers.

Bout #2: Guns N’ Rollers vs. Derby Liberation Front

The Chicken Time Bomb takes on a Rat City three wall. Photo by LocksDragon.

GNR controlled the game from early on, gaining a lead of 18-3 by the fourth jam. Ivana Thrasher, a new draft for GNR, made her Rose City skating debut with a bang, navigating a power jam situation to extend the lead for GNR. The crowd went nuts after seeing a collision between Scald Eagle and Ophelia Melons that had the Rat City blocker on the ground. One Wrecker, Lisa, said of this bout that she particularly loved the “Scald Eagle/Roarshock Tess spanking machine that made a few appearances and owned DLF.” DLF made some valiant efforts to narrow the lead, but GNR was able to keep at least a 20 point lead over the Rat City team, ending with a final score of 99-63 in favor of GNR.

Bout #3: High Rollers vs. Throttle Rockets

Napoleon Blownapart is really excited about something. Photo by Frank Lavelle.

The High Rollers started this bout with some penalty trouble, which saw the Throttle Rockets taking an early lead. However, this did not last long, and the lead bounced back and forth between the two teams eight times over the course of the bout. This made for an incredible game for the crowd, as the two “teams were so evenly matched. It was exciting!” said Evil Regal. What stood out during this bout was the strong pack work by the High Rollers, especially the combination of Skeeve Holt, Texine, KicKassedy, and Rita Manuel, and some incredible jamming by Feliz Brutality and Napoleon Blownapart. In the end, the lead changes led to a High Rollers victory 126-88.

Bout #4: Break Neck Betties vs. Grave Danger

Mutch Mayhem escapes the pack. Photo by Frank Lavelle.

The Betties started off this bout with some good quick jams that gave them a 7 point lead. Early in the game we saw again the same move as in the Heathers’ bout, with Rat City’s Carmen Getsome skating backwards around the entire track. After a big jam by D. Konstructor, the Betties began to run into penalty trouble but held onto their lead of 26-14, which was then extended by Mutch Mayhem. Grave Danger then took the lead halfway through the bout despite big hits in the pack by Scrappy Go Lucky and Avalanche. A large powerjam by Mutch Mayhem had the crowd going wild and put a lot of points up for the Betties, but it wasn’t quite enough to take back the lead, and Grave Danger took the bout with a final score of 78-102.


Our next game will be the Season Eight Opener, with the Heartless Heathers taking on the Guns N Rollers, and the High Rollers taking on the Break Neck Betties. Be at the Memorial Coliseum January 19!

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