Rose City Rollers adjusts bout schedule after Snowpocalypse 2017

Dear Rose City,

It is after much deliberation, that we have decisded to move this weekends bouts. After our initial move of the 1/14-15 bouts to 1/21-22, we heard concern from many league members about safety as well as skaters and officials being unavailable this weekend. From a safety perspective, if we were to host this weekend, many skaters would not have skated but perhaps a single practice in weeks, which presents a serious threat of injury.

I know the changes we are making will not work for everyone, and I truly apologize, but please know we tried to accommodate the wishes of RCR memebrs and fans within the confines of our use of fire permits for hosting public bouts.

For the above reasons, we are making the following changes to our schedule:
1. Adult Home Season Opener moves to 1/28 6pm
2. Rose Petals (KB/VDD ) moves to 1/29 2:45pm as Bout #2 after Rosebuds/Angel City game
3. Rose Buds (DSDD/UA) moves to 2/19 2pm as a private bout with skaters getting to bring a guest or two
4. GNR/HH 1/28 game moves to 4/7 8pm
5. GNR/HH 4/19 game moves to 4/26


Ticket Info:
Buy your ticket online?
• Still plan on attending the bout? No action required on your part.
o Purchase a ticket for the 1/28 GNR/HH game and still want to attend on that date? You will be contacted directly by the Events Director for your options.
• Want to exchange or refund your ticket? Contact Bold Type Tickets Support ( for help.
Buy a paper ticket from a RCR skater or the Night Light Lounge?
• Still plan on attending the event? No action required on your part. The Front Entrance will accept your ticket with the original date.
• Want to refund or exchange your ticket?
o Contact the source of your purchase.
o You can approach the Hangar the day of the event once doors have opened for a refund at the Front Entrance.
o Additional dates and times for refunds may be available. Stay tuned for updates via Facebook.
o No refunds after the event start on the bout date will be granted.
Questions? Contact