RCR Response to It Happens in Derby Blog Post

This blog is in response to Madeline Morrison aka Frisky Biscuits post about her removal from RCR.

The Rose City Rollers pride ourselves in fair and transparent processes, meant to uphold the rights of all our members. Our Accountability Committee process for lodging a complaint against another member is laid out in our handbook and clearly states that a complaint will be shared with the person being complained about – a person has a right to know accusations being lodged against them. Further our AC is comprised of RCR members including lawyers and a retired judge who work through complaints in an unbiased fashion, interviewing all witnesses willing to speak on someone’s behalf and delivering their findings.

Below is an account of events that lead to Frisky’s removal from RCR:

  • Following travel team tryouts, OMG lodged a complaint with their captains alleging Frisky tried to injure them at tryouts
  • Frisky filed a complaint with our Accountability Committee (AC) against OMG alleging sexual harassment this year and last
  • OMG filed a complaint against Frisky alleging trying to inflict bodily harm stemming from transphobia
  • Our AC Committee declined to prohibit either party from participating in practice while they investigated the complaints
  • Frisky secured a temporary Sexual Abuse Protective Order against OMG the day the AC was prepared to deliver their findings
  • Once the temporary order was granted, RCR needed to let the courts take their natural course
  • The restraining order barred OMG from being in the Hangar and playing in Big O
  • After a WOJ team meeting, Frisky offered not to play in Big O
  • A hearing was scheduled, which would have either overturned or made the Order permanent
  • Frisky called 911 falsely claiming OMG was breaking the restraining, putting them at risk of getting arrested, OMG’s lawyer was able to keep an arrest from happening
  • Frisky (via her lawyer) dismissed the protective order prior to the hearing
  • The outcome of the AC Committee was that OMGs complaints were substantiated, where Frisky’s were not
  • We were told Frisky & OMG’s lawyers would draw up an agreement between the two of them that would also include Frisky voluntarily leaving the league – this has not been completed to date
  • Rocket Mean, RCR Executive Director, and Mike Sahagian, RCR’s lawyer, requested a vote from the RCR Board to remove Frisky

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