#160 Captain

Years playing derby: I started skating July 2012.

Years with RCR/Betties: I joined Rose City October of 2015 and came home to the Betties in December 2015.

Awards/Accomplishments: Voted “Best Skate Face” by the Betties in 2016 and “Best Team Hair” in 2017.  2 MVP Blockers and 1 MVP Jammer when I skated with Green Mountain Roller Derby. MVP Jammer as a guest skater with Guns N Rollers.

Real life job: Pet care over at Portland-petcare.com let me walk yer dawg.

Other hobbies: Gym Ratting, eating, playing in the woods, growing things. Watching Steven Universe. Someone give me a good SU derby name!

Fun Fact: I have a really good sense of direction. Seriously, ask me where north is.  Also, “Despite their large size and rolly-polly looks, they are fast and furious… The truth is, hippos are extraordinarily aggressive.”


#160 Skater

Name: Sprout

Nickname: Sproutty, Spout, Sproot

Number: 160

Years playing derby: 6

Other teams played for: Break Neck Betties, Green Mountain Roller Derby, Central Vermont Roller Derby

Primary position: Former Jammer, current Pivot, with dreams of becoming a Blocker

Best derby achievements: Being drafted to the Break Neck Betties was, and continues to be, the the greatest gift the derbyverse has given me. Getting to be on the Wheels of Justice this year has been a dream come true.

Best thing about being on the Wheels of Justice: Learning always, and getting to skate WITH all the leaguemates I always have to skate AGAINST! Playing games in other places against old friends for the first time in a few years.