Ovarian Barbarian

#340 Skater

Year you started skating: 2014 – immediately after graduating college and retiring from track and field

Year you joined RCR/got drafted:  July 2015, March 2016

Awards/Accomplishments: Several MVJ awards throughout two HT seasons, Best New Bettie 2016, finally learned how to spin around like Bonnie without looking like a complete doofus (hopefully) 2017

Real life job: I’m exactly halfway through my MD/MPH program! By the end of the 2020 season, I’ll be Dr. Barbarian – saving lives and doing statistics.

Other hobbies: Cooking, contra dancing (back in the day), laser tag

Fun Fact: I can run faster than hippos, whose max speed has been clocked at 14mph. They’re a little bigger than me, though, so maybe it’s not a fair comparison.