I.V. Cardiattack

#122 Skater


Year you started skating: July 2013 was my first time on skates. I broke my foot shortly thereafter but that didn’t stop me. I came back February 2014 with Storm City.

Year you joined RCR/got drafted: I joined RCR fresh meat in October 2014. Was drafted to the Betties in December 2014. I’ve bled red ever since.

Awards/Accomplishments: Raising two kids. Most Improved Bettie 2016.

Real life job: I’m a nurse. I work inpatient cardiology and I love it.

Other hobbies: I’m always up for an adventure. I like scuba diving, running, paddle boarding, and red wine. Most of my spare time is spent with two wonderful kids.

Fun Fact: Although Hippos are only semi aquatic mammals, they originated from Cetaceans millions of years ago. Also, they are mostly herbivores, just like some of our Betties.