#25 Skater

Year you started skating: 2013

Year you joined RCR/got drafted: Joined RCR in 2015 and was drafted in 2016

Awards/Accomplishments: “Most Likely to Actually be a Cat”

Real life job: Office Manager/ Central Nervous System at Mango African Safaris

Other hobbies: Hobbies include making dumb noises at dogs, making best friends with cats, eating lots of sweets, putting together outfits that my question my Midwestern roots and confuse my mother, and thinking I want to jam

Fun Fact: I have more pants rompers in my clothing collection than most people will see in their lives


#25 Skater

Name: gingeraffe

Number: 25

Years playing derby: 5

Other teams played for: Rose City’s Break Neck Betties & Spokane’s Lilac City Roller Girls

Primary position: Blocker

Favorite thing about playing roller derby: Roller derby really helped me accept myself. I’m a tall, strong, broad shoulders woman and I’ve hated it through out my life because I’m so different from how women are supposed to looked. Derby is the first time I’ve been able to embrace my size and not hate it. Also derby has put me around people who help me grow in a daily basis. The diverse backgrounds and aspect of self in the community help me achieve my desire to always learn and grown and accept others.

Best thing about being on the Wheels of Justice: I’m constantly challenged to think and create and problem solve.

Do you really like cats as much as it seems like you do?: Yes. I am a cat.