Fleur De Lethal



Year you started skating: January 2013

Year you joined RCR/got drafted:  Joined RCR January 2013 / Drafted December 2017

Awards/Accomplishments: Best NSO 2015, Best Face Forward 2016, Best Blocker 2017, Gold Star Volunteer 2017

Real life job: Systems Creator and Administrator

Other hobbies: Baking, playing games (video/card/board/etc.), macrame, theatre, haunted houses

Fun Fact: Fungi are made up of tiny threads called mycelium. These travel underground, connecting the roots of different plants in an area, even different species, together, allowing them to communicate and so much more. Some researchers say the trees of the forest and the mushrooms we find growing next to them are so interconnected, that it is hard for them to see trees as individual entities any longer.