Faye Tality

#21 Skater

Name: Faye Tality

Pronouns: she/her; they/them

Number: 21

Why you chose your number: I intended to be “6 ft” but 6 was taken at the time so I had to get crafty. Took the geeky route (which will come as no surprise to anyone) and realized that “U” was the 21st letter of the alphabet… hence, YOU are the fatality.

When you started derbying: January 2012

When you joined RCR: April 2015

When you were drafted as an icy viking warrior goddess: October 2016

Other teams you’ve played for: Silicon Valley Roller Girls (Dot Kamikazes); Misery Loves Company; Geritol Mafia/Antique Roll Show

Track position(s): Blocker

Other RCR roles: Coaching; NSOing; Web Team; cheering really loudly for my friends

Derby awards: MVB (2014); Home Team Champions (2017); League “Fix-It” award (2017)

Favorite recent derby memory: Seeing some of my former Derby 101 students bouting!

Derby wife: Susan B. Animosity

Real life job: Paralegal

Other sports: Soccer, snowboarding, SCUBA, SUP, hiking

Other hobbies: Cards Against Humanity. Hugging cats. Finding tasty noms.

Faye Tality

#21 (she/they)