#13 Skater

Name: Drone

Nicknames: Droney

Number: 13

Years playing derby: 5 on and off

Other teams played for: Humboldt Roller Derby (Redwood Rollers and Widow Makers) and Break Neck Betties

Primary position: I jammed my first season with a very rural league in Northern California. I hurt my shoulder and switched to blocking, and I never want to go back!

Favorite thing about playing roller derby: I love all of the wonderful people that have entered my life because of roller derby!

Best thing about being on the Wheels of Justice: Competition and pursuit of greatness


#13 Skater

Year you started skating: I started bootcamp with Humboldt Roller Derby in 2013

Year you joined RCR/got drafted:  I started with Wreckers in March 2016 and got drafted December 2016!

Awards/accomplishments: Golden Booty Award from Humboldt Roller Derby,  Most Valuable Blocker 2017 and Magical Garden Gnome from the Break Neck Betties 🙂

Real life job: ecological restoration field technician and indoor plant maintenance technician

Other hobbies: my dog, road trips, cooking and beer

Fun fact: I prefer to eat popcorn with chopsticks!