Live Bout Stream

Didn’t get your bout tickets in time? Don’t miss out on the action: select Rose City Rollers bouts will be live streamed online!

Sorry, we are not currently streaming live. Please enjoy our most recent archived bout footage below. 


2017 Live Boutcast Schedule

  • 05/12 Heartless Heathers vs. High Rollers
  • 05/13 Break Neck Betties vs. Guns N Rollers
  • 06/03 Season 12 Championships (double header)
  • 06/23-25 Hometown Throwdown (3 day event), including London Rollergirls – London Brawling, Austin’s Texas Rollergirls – Texecutioners, Los Angeles’s Angel City Derby Girls – Hollywood Scarlets, and Portland’s own Wheels of Justice
  • 08/19 Wheels of Justice & Axles of Annihilation vs. Seattle’s Rat City Rollergirls All Stars and Rain of Terror