Gold Star Volunteer February 2018: Jasberry

Jasberry (Jasmine Crandall) is the Rose City Rollers Gold Star Volunteer for February. In her time at Rose City, she has taken all the volunteer opportunities thrown at her. Some have fit and some haven’t – She is not shy to tell us what she excels at and what she sucks at (her words, not ours)! Reffing, coaching, NSOing, MSR coordinator and team captain of the Rockets, derby is her jam and she wants to know it on all levels. Jasberry came to roller derby like a lot of us – By accident, coincidence and good fortune. We at Rose City Rollers are so glad she did. Congratulations Jasberry!

Why have you stayed involved with RCR?

What else would I do? When I started I had no idea I would become as involved as I have. I never felt like I had a place before I came to Rose City, but I really feel like I belong here.

What was your favorite volunteer experience?


Reffing the WOJ vs Rat game in August of 2017. It was my first D1 game as a ref and it was incredible- I’m really glad it was in The Hangar. I felt like all of the training I’ve received set me up for success and that I made my mentors really proud.

Any suggestions for new volunteers or those considering volunteering with RCR?

Try everything! I worked a bunch of weird positions before I found the ones I do now. Reach out to HV and tell her what your strengths and weakness are- and be honest. If you don’t like leadership positions in real life, you aren’t going to like them in volunteer world. I really thought I would coach more when I tried that, but it turns out I’m just not that great at it and that’s okay! You will find the place you fit in, whether it’s behind the scenes or in the spotlight. There really is a place for everyone here if you’re willing to be part of a community.