8/10-12: Wheels of Justice Present Derby Daze 2018

Looking for some solid derby learning from two time World Champions? Then Derby Daze is for you! This year instead of having separate jammer & blocker classes, we have paired a jammer & blocker coach together for each class. You’ll learn specific techniques to expand your jamming toolbox, and then learn how to block the new techniques!


You don’t want to miss learning:

Saturday August 11th
Elicia Nisbet-Smith & Loren Mutch: Juking Walls and wall line coverage
Jammer Topic:  Juking entire walls and working with speed
Blocker Topic:  Line coverage with your wall
Bonnie Thunders & Gal of Fray:  Turning a wall into a 1 on 1, and building a wall back up
Jammer Topic:  Breaking a wall down player by player
Blocker Topic:  Constant recycling
Morgan Levy & Zip Drive: Creating depth in a wall for yourself, and the art of not taking the bait
Jammer Topic:  Juking & spinning to create holes & depth in a wall
Blocker Topic: Plugging lines and flattening out to prevent holes from happening
Simonis: Footage Watching
Sunday August 12th
Bonnie Thunders & Mia Palau: Second Pass all about points
Jammer Focus: Nickel and diming points
Blocker Focus:  Work on protecting points while still blocking the jammer
Beyond Thunderdame & OMG WTF: Now that’s backwards!
Jammer Topic:  Beating a backwards blocker
Blocker Topic:  Backwards skating and blocking
Tarantula & Brute:  Working with a buddy – Taking O and making O
Jammer Topic: Learn to bait, 2 walls, 3 walls, and 1 v 1s
Blocker Topic: Driving offense & hitting offense, making good offensive decisions for different formations
Kyle Adams & Licker N Split: Keeping Calm in high pressure moments

Derby Daze is:

  • Open to all genders and skill levels
  • NEW THIS YEAR: Open to advanced JRDA level 3 junior skaters!
  • A mix of training and fun, with rad evening events open to all participants and friends
More details:
  • The event starts on Friday night with a welcome event.
  • We will post a final schedule later in the summer. While we don’t have exact times yet, we can tell you that Saturday and Sunday clinic and scrimmage will most likely run between 8am and 5pm.
  • Evening activity times are not set yet. We expect they will run approximately 6pm-10pm.
  • Thanks for your patience! We will update you on times as soon as all the details are solid!
Pricing info:
Presale price: $175.00 (until 5/31)
**Folks who attended Derby Daze 2017, we will be sending you a special deal for Derby Daze 2018!
Regular (after presale): $200.00
Coach/Observer/Off-skates: $50
*Please note: The last day for refunds for Derby Daze is July 11th. Registrations are transferable until August 3rd.

Participant Criteria:

  • Open to and inclusive of all genders
  • Have WFTDA, USARS, CRDA, JRDA or MRDA insurance. If you are traveling from another country and have travel insurance, please contact derbydaze@rosecityrollers.com
  • Be affiliated with a recognized roller derby league (OR contact us to discuss your options if you are not! derbydaze@rosecityrollers.com)
Derby Daze will be arranged by skill level based on the categories defined below. If you’re unsure of where exactly you might fall, fear not; we’ll be conducting a quick evaluation Saturday morning of the bootcamp to ensure you’re placed in the best group for your skill level.

Developing: You may have passed or be close to passing the WFTDA minimum skating skill standards, but you’re not yet ready to scrimmage. You can safely stop, hit, and keep up in a pace line, though you may not feel confident stopping with someone pushing on you, reacting quickly to events on the track, or executing skills with lots of control. While you understand the rules, you want to delve into the hows and the whys of the game. You’re looking for instruction to nail down key skills and hone your derby smarts.

Intermediate: You’re good to go with all your WFTDA Minimum Skills Requirements, and you are comfortable and experienced in scrimmage and/or game environments. Maybe you’re not totally comfortable skating backwards or jamming against tough walls, but you’ve competed against other teams. You can usually execute common strategies and techniques, and you’re at Derby Daze to continue to build on top of your solid derby foundation.

Advanced: You have actively followed current derby through bouting, both inter- and intraleague. You can explain with your brains and brawn notions of walls, offense, and complex pack definition. You are comfortable in the world of 3D and 2D walls, and are ready to hone your hitting technique and offensive timing, tighten up your plows and hockey stops. You are ready to level up with high end strategy and sick execution of basic skills. Let us hone your understanding of what the best teams in the world are up to.

Evening Events

This year, there are no bout during the weekend of Derby Daze. We changed this so that you can get more skating time out of your weekend in Portland. We are able to shift the entire day later, to facilitate more precious sleep time, and expand the afternoon scrimmage portion of the day. Additionally, we are going to be offering some awesome night time events. Stay tuned to learn more about our night time events.

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