All you wanted to know about volunteering at WFTDA Champs!

Here is the lastest list of open jobs for Champs. Scroll down past the list for instructions on how to sign up for volunteering, if you have not done that already.

Thursday 11/3
2-6pm Set Up (8 people needed)
12:30-5:30pm WFTDA Merch Sales Set Up (1 person needed)
Friday 11/4
7:45am-12:45pm Security/Yellow Shirts/Front Entrance (1 person needed)
7:45am-12:45pm Sponsorship/Vendor Crew (2 people needed)
7:45am-12:45pm Shipping/Receiving (1 person needed)
12:30-5:30pm Security/Yellow Shirts/Front Entrance (4 people needed)
5:15pm-10:30pm Sponsorship/Vendor Crew (1 person needed)
5:15pm-10:30pm Track Crew (1 person needed)
5:15pm-10:30pm Security/Yellow Shirts/Front Entrance (1 person needed)
Saturday 11/5
8:45-12pm Yellow Shirts (4 people needed)
11:45-3pm Yellow Shirts (3 people needed)
Officials needed for Open Scrimmage, please contact for more information.
Sunday 11/6
7:45am-1:45pm WFTDA Merch Sales (1 person needed)
7:45am-1:45pm Shipping/Receiving (1 person needed)
7:45am-1:45pm  Security/Yellow Shirts/Front Entrance (4 people needed)
1:45pm-7:45pm RCR Merch Sales (1 person needed)
1:45pm-7:45pm WFTDA Merch Sales (1 person needed)
7:45pm-10:30pm WFTDA Merch Sales Cleanup (2 people needed)
7:45pm-10:30pm Sponsorship/Vendor Cleanup Crew (4 people needed)
7:45pm-10:30pm Shipping/Receiving Closing Duties (1 person)
7:45pm-10:30pm Track Tear Down/Loading (10 people needed)
Bossa Nova on East Burnside
10pm-12pm After Party Front Door (1 person over 21yrs old needed)
Monday 11/7
6pm-9pm Track Unloading/Laying (9 people needed)

Official Volunteer Information about WFTDA Champs!

Short Version:
1. Fill out this application
2. Tell Hell Vetica (HV) your preferred schedule (in the application)
3. Get confirmation from Hellvetica
4. Stay tuned for any additional details as we near the event

More Info Version:

First – ALL people interested in volunteering need to fill out this application. If you are an RCR member, it will look familiar. It also includes a couple of things we need specific to Champs as well as your schedule preferences.

Second – You are not scheduling yourself per se. You are telling HV what you’d like to do most. Please include in the application how many shifts/day you want. Do not feel like you need to do every shift every day – that’s unsustainable. We need about 300 people per day, there are about 1000 of us total. We can do this.

Once HV gets your preferences, she will start confirming schedules. You can check your schedule here (after you’ve applied and entered a password). Some tasks might show up on the list that aren’t open to just anyone. HV will let you know if there’s a reason you can’t sign up for a specific job.

The descriptions for each job are linked in the application. HV currently doesn’t have any more information than is listed there, but you’re still welcome to ask and she can find out more.

Questions HV has had so far:
Do volunteers get free admission?
Schedule yourself and volunteer for 14 or more hrs over the course of the weekend (Thurs-Sunday) and you will get in free for one day of your choice. You can choose to have it be the same day you volunteer (or one of the days you volunteer) or you can choose a day you’re not volunteering at all. I’ll communicate who is eligible and get your choices from you in Mid-October.
Failure to show up for a shift that follows your free entry day will result in something terrible. Publish shaming, fist shaking, etc. Don’t be a jerk. We’re trusting everyone to not suck.

Do I have to pay for parking at the Coliseum?
Good chances, yes. We are working it out with WFTDA, but this is their tournament, so its their choice. Some jobs will likely end up with passes, but right now, I have no guarantees. If the job you’re interested in doesn’t entail driving, I’d recommend taking transit.

Will there be volunteer food?
Right now it looks like Chipotle is donating food, so yes, there will be food for volunteers. People with a lot of eating restrictions may want to pack something for themselves, and if you’re a person that feeds like a hummingbird and eats every hour, packing additional food would also be smart.

Can minors volunteer?
Yes, but some jobs will not work well for kids. Older teens can do most anything, really young kids will be more limited, but we’ll find something. You can always contact me with questions.

What else are you wondering? Email and HV will answer your questions. Check back here for answers to more questions as well!