It takes a lot to keep Rose City Rollers moving ahead. One way that you can support our mission of empowering women and girls and creating inclusive community is through in kind donations! There are specific things that we are currently looking for. Do you have any of these things? Of course, all donations are tax deductible for the item’s worth.


We want a new website!

Do you make websites? Do you want to help the league create a brand new website? Please let us know!

Special Skills

– Outlet maintenance
– Heater repair
Concrete repair
– Custom cabinets for merchandise

Big Ticket Items

Gently used skates & gear
Aluminum bleachers
Hand truck or other heavy duty trolleys
Fire escape ladder
Plastic tables
Stackable plastic chairs
Shop vac
Wide area vacuum – 3ft
Blueprint storage cabinet (metal)
Variety of large metal storage cabinets
Sublimation printer & software
Computers for officials & staff


55+ gallon trash bags
Toilet paper
C-fold paper towels
5 gallon water jugs

First Aid Supplies

Adhesive bandages (all sizes & types)
Hand sanitizer
Medical tape & gauze

Contact jodibonjodi@rosecityrollers.com if you have any of these items that you want to donate. Thank you!