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Adult Skaters

Join the fun at all skill levels!

Adult skaters joining at all skill levels (from never-been-on-skates to All Star, and every point in between) must attend Orientation. Orientation covers league basics, culture, dues, insurance, and meeting some people in the league. Our next Orientation is scheduled for Saturday October 5 from 3:30p – 5:30p at the Hangar (behind Oaks Park Skating Rink). REGISTER HERE!

New to Skating or Derby? Start Here!

Played Derby or Have Strong Skating Skills? Start Here!

Important Info for everyone joining Rose City Rollers!

Derby 101

Whether you are a brand new skater or have spent some time on wheels, our Derby 101 class teaches you the basics in a focused and supportive environment. The class, held on Sunday mornings (8-10 am) at the RCR Hangar, is taught by current Rose City Rollers players skilled in coaching newer skaters. In this smaller class format we provide targeted instruction and constructive feedback, building skills to get you rolling at full speed, including:

  • Stops (T, plow)
  • Safe falling
  • Striding
  • Proper derby form
  • Crossovers

Note: Class starts the Sunday after your Orientation.

Get waitlisted? Please join us at the Orientation, however, know that the Derby 101 class size is limited, and space is awarded to early registrants first.

Skills & Drills

Think you’re ready to hit the track in a pack? If your skills meet or exceed those taught in Derby 101 and you’d like to bypass the class:

Step 1: Attend an Orientation (this is required for all skaters entering the league).

Step 2: Attend a two-hour on-skates assessment directly after orientation. Assessment covers MSRs skills and scrimmage-readiness. Skaters are assessed at the following levels:

  • Beginner: Derby 101 program
  • Red level: cleared for Skills & Drills practices, working on foundations and taking light contact.
  • Yellow level: cleared for Skills & Drills, working on full contact and scrimmage-readiness.
  • Green level 2: cleared for Skills & Drills and Wreckers scrimmages, may be working on bout readiness.
  • Green level 3: cleared to attend Skills & Drills and higher level scrimmages, bouting, and boot camp/draft pool participation.

Competitive Track

Please also review the Skills & Drills section above.

Interested in being drafted to a RCR home team?

  • There are two drafts per year (Spring and Fall).
  • Prior to the draft, skaters attend an 8-10 week boot camp, as well as home team practices and scrimmages
  • Boot camps start mid-January and August.
  • Participants must be a league member and/or attend orientation prior to the start of boot camp.
  • Each boot camp includes a public bout opportunity.
  • Skills are assessed prior to boot camp to ensure readiness.
  • Outside of boot camps, draft pool skaters are part of the Wreckers program, which includes weekly practice and scrimmages, as well as bout opportunities (subject to meeting eligibility requirements).

Arriving between orientations with previous skating experience?

  • If you have active WFTDA insurance, you are welcome to begin attending Wreckers practice (must sign a waiver and pay $10 drop in fee each practice). Email wreckers@rosecityrollers.com to coordinate.
  • Plan to attend the next orientation to be added as a league member.
  • Attend a scheduled assessment, or work with MSR Coordinator to be cleared to scrimmage prior to an orientation session.
  • If you have previous skating experience at D1 or D2/Cups level and are interested in skating with our travel team, please email transfer@rosecityrollers.com for transfer process. Note: Video footage may be requested prior to transfer.
  • Additional questions? Email transfer@rosecityrollers.com and copy wreckers@rosecityrollers.com.

Before Orientation:

During Orientation:

  • Learn about the Rose City Rollers and the Wreckers program.
  • Q&A
  • Gear discussion and fitting for skaters using our Rent N Roll gear lending library.

Dues processing: please bring a credit or debit card to get started with Dues.

  • Derby 101: $35 per month for 3 months. Each session must be paid in full, but is invoiced in monthly installments. Sessions span 3 months, so you will be charged for 3 months after enrollment regardless of your participation or if you leave the league/or drop out for any reason.
  • Rent N Roll gear rental: additional $25/per month
  • For those assessed with skating skills advanced enough to bypass 101 and join Wreckers Skills & Drills practices, standard league dues are $50 per month.

Interested in derby, but the financial commitment is prohibitive? Learn about our scholarship programs during orientation! RCR is committed to making roller derby as accessible as possible. Don’t hesitate to apply for a skater scholarship!


Before (or at) Orientation you will receive an email from RCR inviting you to purchase WFTDA insurance directly and sign the WFTDA Non-Disclosure Agreement (which can be done via smartphone). You must do this prior to skating (including assessments). For insurance questions or issues, email insurance@rosecityrollers.com. WFTDA (Women’s Flat Track Derby Association) insurance is mandatory for ALL SKATERS.

Please note WFTDA insurance is limited and additional insurance is encouraged.

  • WFTDA insurance costs $75/ year if you join between January and June 30 , or there is a prorated cost if you join after July 1.
  • Per accident maximum: $10,000
  • Deductible: $7,500 (without primary insurance) or $2,500 (with primary insurance).
  • General liability for skater and venue: $2 million.
  • Injuries sustained during practice must be reported to Wreckers admin and Insurance.
  • Accident reports must be filed within 14 days.

Rent n’ Roll Program

High-quality skating gear can be very expensive, and The Rose City Rollers are proud to have a Rent n’ Roll lending program. Rent N Roll charges adult skaters a monthly $25 fee to rent the following gear:

  • Skates
  • Helmet
  • Knee pads
  • Elbow pads
  • Wrist guards

Notes: You must have a mouth guard to skate. Always. Even at your first 101 session or assessments following Orientation. Mouth guards, crash pads, and water bottles are not included in Rent n Roll.

Gear is checked in and out every practice (sorry, it all stays at the Hangar)! The monthly fee enables us to offer Rent N Roll to our juniors program (skaters ages 7-17) free of charge, so by participating in Rent N Roll, you are helping to fund the future of roller derby! For Rent N Roll questions, email rentnroll@rosecityrollers.com.

Where Can I Buy Derby Gear (Including a MOUTH GUARD)?

Questions? Email wreckers.orientation@rosecityrollers.com

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