05/07/16: Wreckers Orientation – All skill levels! Join the fun!

Our next off-skates orientation will be May 7, 2016 from 2-4 p.m. at the Hangar.  Please arrive AT LEAST 15 minutes ahead of time to get checked in. Doors close at 4 p.m. sharp, and skaters who are late will have to return for the next orientation. Can’t make it to this one? We have orientations scheduled roughly every 2 months, so hopefully you can join us next time. Tentative dates for 2016 are July 9, September 10, November 12, and January 7 (2017). Dates are subject to change.

Skaters joining Wreckers at all skill levels (whether you plan to join Derby 101 class or go straight to skills and drills practices) must attend orientation. Due to the nature of the intake process you must arrive no later than 10 minutes after the beginning of Orientation to participate. You will be provided information on dates and times for the next Derby 101 session and Wreckers skills and drills practice times at Orientation. Derby 101 sessions are held on Sunday mornings. Please do not bring visitors (husbands, wives, neighbors, children, pets) to the orientation. Also, please do hang out after Orientation to watch derby and meet current Wreckers and RCR members.

Before Orientation

  • Rose City Rollers Handbook must be read. Be prepared to sign an acknowledgement form
  • Wreckers Handbook must be read. Be prepared to sign an acknowledgement form
  • You must RSVP by completing the online orientation registration form
  • Print, fill out and sign the RCR waiver (pdf) and RCR Intake Packet and bring both to orientation
  • Skater Insurance will be discussed at Orientation. To join you will be asked to purchase this insurance on a yearly basis and will be provided instructions on how to do so online through WFTDA: MANDATORY WFTDA insurance will cost $70/ year if you join Jan-June 1; prorated cost of $40 if joining after July 1.
  • Please bring a credit card to pay your initial AND on-going dues: For Derby 101: $50. For those assessed with skating skills advanced enough to join Wreckers skills and drills practices (skipping Derby 101). Standard league dues are $30 per month. All monthly dues are on an Auto-Pay system.
  • Interested in a skater scholarship? Please go to this page to learn more about our adult sholarship program!

**WFTDA Insurance:

  • All skaters are strongly encouraged to have primary insurance coverage prior to skating and must have WFTDA to skate with the league
  • Per accident maximum: $10,000
  • Deductible: $7,500 (without primary insurance) or $2,500 (with primary insurance)
  • General liability for skater and venue: $2 Million
  • Injuries sustained during practice must be reported to Wreckers admin and Insurance
  • Accident reports must be filed within 14 days
  • Note: You will pay insurance directly to WFTDA with your credit card online the week after orientation

During Orientation

  • Bring skate gear if you want a gear inspection – no skating during orientation
  • Paperwork and credit card payments are submitted for processing
  • Learn about the Rose City Rollers and the Wreckers program
  • Learn how to become more involved and get hooked up with a mentor (our Wrally program)
  • If you would like you may have your gear checked with recommendations made for upgrades or replacement parts

What Gear Do I Need?

Safety is sexy! It is important to purchase high quality knee pads, wrist guards and elbow pads – you’ll be using them a lot! New skates and gear typically runs $300 – $500.

  • Well fitted quad roller skates (typically jam or short boot style) (No inline or roller blade skates)
  • Properly fitted helmet
  • Knee pads
  • Wrist guards
  • Elbow pads
  • Mouth guard (boil and fit at home)
  • Crash pads (optional, but helpful if you’re very new to skating)
  • Non-glass water-bottle (no glass allowed in the Hangar)

Where Can I Buy Derby Gear?

Rose City Rollers Rent n’ Roll Program

The Rose City Rollers are proud to have launched our Rent n’ Roll derby gear lending program, opening the transformative powers of derby to all. Skaters can rent quality skates and gear while they learn to play in Derby 101. Rent n’ Roll is not available to skaters, post-Derby 101, in Skills and Drills practices. Mouth guards are not included and must be purchased by the skater. It’s a $50 fee to rent Riedell skates, an S-One helmet and Triple Eight pads for an entire Derby 101 session. Please plan to pay the rental fee with a credit card at Orientation.

After Orientation

  • Wait to receive your Authorization to Skate email before joining practice
  • Get enrolled on the RCR Forum
  • Find us on Facebook and ask to join the group, also be sure to “like” our public page
  • Sign-up with the Volunteer management system
  • Let us know if your address, insurance, or personal information changes