Rose Petals

Rose City Roller’s Junior Derby for Ages 7-12

About the Rose Petals

The Rose Petals is a competitive recreational roller derby program for girls ages 7-12. Youth athletes learn technical and life skills through the fun and engaging sport of flat track roller derby. Our program strives to promote healthy competitiveness, friendships, strategy, leadership, and teamwork. Beginner and level one skaters play positional blocking only (no contact) derby and more advanced level two skaters play lean blocking only (contact but no hitting) derby.

The Rose Petals have an introductory training program, three home teams (Daughters of Doom, Voodoo Dolls, Killer Bees), and an all-star travel team. The training program develops new skaters year round with quarterly intakes. Once skaters pass their level one rules and skill tests, they are eligible to be drafted onto a home team. Skaters can tryout for the travel team once they pass the level II skills requirements.

Are you a Rose Petal or a Rose Petal parent and looking for a skater scholarship? Please go to this page to learn more about Rose City Rollers Junior Scholarships!


Daughters of Doom

Voodoo Dolls

Killer Bees


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