About the Rosebuds

The Rosebuds empower young women ages 12-17 through participation in flat track roller derby. Rosebuds foster an accepting team environment that enables skaters to express uniqueness and individuality via a non-traditional contact sport. Roller derby provides a supportive community where differences are celebrated, commitment to improvement is encouraged, and being your unique self is valued. Along with a lot of physical activity the Rosebud’s program assists young women with maturing a healthy mind and a healthy body.

The Rosebuds are comprised of three home teams, an all-star traveling team and a introductory roller derby program called Seedlings. The three home teams play an exhilarating season against one another September-March, followed by the All-Stars hitting the track and hitting the road February-July. The Seedlings training program develops new skaters year round with regular intakes. Be sure to check the Rose City Rollers homepage for the next one.

Are you a Rosebud or a Rosebud parent and looking for a skater scholarship? Please go to this page to learn more about Rose City Rollers Junior Scholarships!



2016 – 2017  Season

Game 5 – February 19th, 2017, Undead Avengers vs. Death Scar Derby Droids
Final Score – Death Scar Derby Droids 307 Undead Avengers 105

Game 4 – December 4th, 2016, Undead Avengers vs. Little Red Riveters
Final Score – Little Red Riveters 232   Undead Avengers 218
LRR Scoring – Jewella Deville 104, Mace of Grace 50, Demon Speed 33, Showtime 32, Smackie Kennedy 11, Moonlight Bandit 3
Team Penalties 40/55%, Lead Jammer 51%
UA Scoring – Tyranni 102, Pycho Kitty 58, Ziggy Scarlust 32, Northren Frights 26
Team Penalties 33/45%, Lead Jammer 49%
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Game 3 – December 3rd, 2016, Death Scar Derby Droids vs. Undead Avengers
Final Score – DSDD 238    Undead Avengers 153
DSDD Scoring
Reigning Madness 98, Lady Gotcha 47, Ruby Slip-hers 43, Starship Trooper 28, Kid Vicious 12, Hazard in Training 6, Rolls Mary’s Baby 4
Team Penalties 30/47%, Lead Jammer 32/64%
Undead Scoring
Tyranni 67, Ziggy Scarlust 44, Psycho Kitty 26, Northern Frights 12, Lemmy Atom 4
Team Penalties 34/53%, Lead Jammer 16/32%
Bout Gallery          Bout Video

Game 2 – October 9th, 2016, Little Red Riveters vs. Undead Avengers
Final Score – Undead Avengers 265    Little Red Riveters 239
Bout Gallery
LRR Scoring
Jewella Deville 110, Mace of Grace 44,  Miss D-Meaner 23, Demon Speed 2o, Showtime 18, Smackie Kennedy 12, Moonlight Bandit 12,
Team Penalties 45/52%, Lead Jammer 9/20%
Undead Scoring
Tyranni 113, Pyscho Kitty 89,  Ziggy Scarlust 33, Dodge la Femme 14, Ms. Shivious 12, Northern Frights 4
Team Penalties 41/48%, Lead Jammer 24/52%

Game 1 – September 10th, 2016, Death Scar Derby Droids vs. Little Red Riveters
Final Score – DSDD 260     Riveters 139
Bout Gallery
DSDD Scoring
Ruby Slip-Hers 91, Lady Gotcha 66, Starship Trooper 58, Reigning Madness 33, Faye Tality 9, Rolls Mary’s Baby 3
Team Penalties 28, Lead Jammer 29 – 60%
LRR Scoring
Mace of Grace 42, Jewella Deville 41, Smackie Kennedy 23, Demon Speed 21, Moonlight Bandit 7, Showtime 5
Team Penalties 53, Lead Jammer 17 – 34%

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