About the Rosebuds

The Rosebuds empower young women ages 12-17 through participation in roller derby. They foster an accepting team environment that enables skaters to express uniqueness and aggression via a non-traditional, contact sport. Roller derby provides a supportive community where differences are celebrated, commitment to improvement is encouraged, and being yourself is valued.

The Rosebuds are comprised of four home teams, an all-star traveling team and a introductory training program. The home teams (The Death Scar Derby Droids, The Undead Avengers, The Rainbow Bites and the Little Red Riveters) play an exhilarating season against one another September-March, followed by the all-stars hitting the track and hitting the road February-July. The Seedlings training program develops new skaters year round with quarterly intakes.


The Death Scar Derby Droids

A long time ago,

In a galaxy far, far across from Oaks Park,

A new world has been discovered—a world of pandemonium and mayhem, a world of speed and flying wheels, a world of brutal beauty, the world of the Death Scar Derby Droid. Impossible to spot, identified only by a blur around the track and the broken bones left in their wake. Faster than a light-year, wiser than Yoda, more lethal than a light-saber—they send even Darth Vader running to his mama. The Force is strong with this one, so don’t think you’ll be spared—because nothing stops a Death Scar Derby Droid.

Death Scar Derby Dolls

Co-Captains: Root of all Evil #97, Little Bunny Bruise You #531. Sunny Demolition #A6, Wendy Go Kill’em #711, C3P-Ouch #76, Kat Von Scream #10H1, Demon Speed #138, Maximum Crime #1010, Riot Ax #64, The Nothing #59, Ramona Pound-Her #13


The Undead Avengers

We eat Brains.

Undead Avengers

Phi Phi O’Scara #87,  Kaijuke #1701, Motorheadless #1975, Rawmen #25, Princess Bubble-Scum #108, Bad Advise #33, Mischief Managed #223, Rollsmary’s Baby #777,  Jill The Ripper #43, Charlemangle #451, The Surtur’s Bride #1015, The Nothing #59,


The Rainbow Bites

Clad in the regal wings of the Pegasus and ready to take on the evil forces invading Rainbow Land, we, the Rainbow Bites, cloak ourselves in unicorn magic, lace up our skates, and set out on a never-ending mission for the total domination of the mystical Flat Track. Our latest accomplishments include the discovery of the Riches at the end of Rainbows, mastery of the ancient art of castle storming, and the successful traversing of the Candy Cane Forest.

Currently we are in the process of training a vampire, and have just taught it to tap dance. We hope you will come join us on our adventures soon! A girl who loves teamwork, roller derby, skating, dancing, having fun, and candy and who hates giving up is a destined for our team.


♥ The Rainbow Bites

(May our bite be strong, swift, and first!)


Captain- Scrapalicious #15,  Captain- Small Fox #208, Jesus Feist #911, Slamnesia #0, Painbow Frights #241, King Doom Hearts #76, Smackey Kennedy, Wikispeedia #626, Faye Tality #423, Bradi,  Riley, Ocarana of Crime #3

The Little Red Riveters

The fiery femmes in blue and red are no amateur band of ruffians. These heartbreakers are the rogues of the assembly line., the sweethearts of fringe U.S.A., the craziest pack of ‘merican lovin’, feminist powered wild cats you could meet on the track. Mercy is not a word in their vocabulary; pity, a foreign idea. The only things these fearless fighters appreciate is female empowerment, the glory of war, and a really nice shade of lipstick. Beware of these bombshells¾ the Little Red Riveters take no prisoners.


Captain Tempest Fugit #80,  Captain – Pain Forest #96,  Big Mack #89,  Spinning Wreckards #45,  Moaning Murder #31,  Helena Troy #1803, Spirited Decay #51, Peaches ‘n’ Scream #77, Fillipaino #07,  Lily

Photo credit to skippy steve at and masonite burn

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