About the Rosebuds

The Rosebuds empower young women ages 12-17 through participation in flat track roller derby. Rosebuds foster an accepting team environment that enables skaters to express uniqueness and individuality via a non-traditional contact sport. Roller derby provides a supportive community where differences are celebrated, commitment to improvement is encouraged, and being your unique self is valued. Along with a lot of physical activity the Rosebud’s program assists young women with maturing a healthy mind and a healthy body.

The Rosebuds are comprised of three home teams, an all-star traveling team and a introductory roller derby program called Seedlings. The three home teams play an exhilarating season against one another September-March, followed by the All-Stars hitting the track and hitting the road February-July. The Seedlings training program develops new skaters year round with regular intakes. Be sure to check the Rose City Rollers homepage for the next one.

Are you a Rosebud or a Rosebud parent and looking for a skater scholarship? Please go to this page to learn more about Rose City Rollers Junior Scholarships!

Team Pages
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2016 – 2017 Season

The new season is just around the corner. The new year brings 3 new teams under familiar names.
Their is plenty of room for roster spots so sign up and work through the Seedlings program and get on a junior derby team sometime during the upcoming season.

2015 – 2016 Season

Rosebud Championships 2016

Championship Game

Little Red Riveters  297     177   The Undead Avengers               Final     Bout Gallery       Bout Video

It was a show of strength today for the 2016 Rosebud Champs Little Red Riveters as they flexed their muscle. From the opening whistle their work crew of jammers chipped away almost every jam. A hard fought game with lots of penalties from two teams giving it their all in a quest for the top. In the second half the Undead started to mount a comeback but that was short lived as penalties mounted up. How much fun it was to watch both these teams grow and play all season. We hope to see the graduating players out on the track again one day for WOJ.

Unofficial Scoring 
LRR – Jewella Deville 169, Bandit Glamm Magic 49, Mace of Grace 47, Filipaino 21, Miss D-Meaner 11
UA –  Bad Advise 119, Rolls Mary’s Baby 27, Holly Screw-Ya 23, Snow Fright 7, Murder 4
Team Penalties –LRR 44, UA 33 | Lead Jammer – LRR 25, UA 23

Rosebuds Championship 3rd place game  

Death Scar Derby Droids 204    117  The Rainbow Bites             Final      Bout Gallery         Bout Video

DSDD chipped away a lead for the first half of the 1st period. The Bites where chipping away the last ten minutes of the period. The pace of the game was methodical. No huge jams as each team were very discipline in not offending the referees and getting whistled for penalties. In the 2nd half each team was just chipping here and there. Then Murphy reared his presence for the Bites and a series of penalties gave DSDD three big jams and a lead they would not give up. Each team is graduating a few players but their cores are still young and the future looks bright, even on the dark side of the universe where rainbows don’t shine.

Unofficial Scoring
RB – The Rubynator 39,  Pyscho Kitty 30,  The Barbarian Librarian 27,  Domina Effect 24,  Reighing Madness 20,  Faye Tality 18
DSDD – Starship Trooper 108,  Habenero Romero 71,  Demon Speed 37,  Hazard 14,  Chickadee’s Revenge 9,  Backhanderson 3
Team Penalties – RB 26, DSDD 36 | Lead Jammer – RB 15, DSDD 28

Bout #6  01/31/16

Death Scar Derby Droids  214    211 The Undead Avengers      Final     Bout Gallery           Bout Video

Today two worlds collided for an epic battle of the ages. This was the Rock’em Sock’em Robot-Zombie Apocalypse of the century. The Undead took immediate command of the bout. The Droids inched back jam by jam to make it a close match going into halftime. In the second half the unearthly effort put forth by the skaters was taking its toll on both sides. Like heavyweights trading blows and going to the canvas only to get back up at the count of 9 and demanding more. This viewer had never seen two junior teams dig so deep into the reservoirs of derby passion. It came down to the last jam with the DSDD ahead of UA 210 to 182. With a DSDD jammer penalty the UA jammer went into super-being action and claimed the lead by one and with one last bit of strength the DSDD jammer forged ahead for 4 points and the victory at the bell.

Unofficial Scoring
DSDD – Starship Trooper 52,  Demon Speed 48, Backhanderson 34, Habenero Romero 31,  Riot Ax 13,   Pretty Kitty Bang Bang 17, Hazard 12, Chickadee’s Revenge 7
UA –  Bad Advise 128, Holly Screw-Ya 48, Snow Fright 27,   Rolls Mary’s Baby 3,  Trouble Clef 3, Murder 2
Team Penalties – DSDD 28, UA 43 | Lead Jammer –  DSDD 28, UA  TBA

Bout #5  11/14/15

Little Red Riveters  220    158 The Undead Avengers                 Final     Bout Gallery           Bout Video

The first half could be summed up as Out-of-Sync and In-Sync. UA was just a day late and dollar short on most jams, just almost there but then not as LRR pulled out and controlled the bout for the first half. In the second half things went Clockwork Orange as upside down was right side up in an upside down box. There must have been a record for penalties set. Officials had to sort things out several times. In the end the consistency of the LRR jammers proved strong and LRR came out on top.

Unofficial Scoring 
LRR –  Jewella Deville 92, Moonlight Bandit 83, Filipaino 35, Mace of Grace 8
UA –  Bad Advise 55, Holly Screw-Ya 47, Murder 28, Ms. Shivous 23, Rolls Mary’s Baby 17
Team Penalties – LRR 45, UA 35 | Lead Jammer – LRR 32, UA 26

Bout #4  11/14/15  

The Rainbow Bites  319    133  Death Scar Derby Droids            Final      Bout Gallery      Bout Video

As the Bite’s tagline states “Taste the Pain” and tonight it was served up fresh and hot. From start to finish the Bites controlled all aspects of this match up. Anytime the Droids appeared to get some traction the Bites clamped down. The Droids threw everything in their universal-galactic power at the Bites but the Rainbow of blockers was a force to be reckon with. It just wasn’t in the stars tonight but it resided in rainbows.

Unofficial Scoring
RB – Smackie Kennedy 69, Barbarian Librarian 61,  Domina Effect 58, Ringer 53, Psycho Kitty 43, Faye Tality 16, Miss D-Meaner 3, Lady Gotcha 1
DSDD – Starship Trooper 41, Riot Ax 25, Habenero Romero 18, Demon Speed 16, Hazard 10, Backhanderson 9, Bloody Jack 4, Snow Fright 3, Nothing 2
Team Penalties – RB 34, DSDD 38 | Lead Jammer – RB 24, DSDD 21

Bout #3  10/11/15

Little Red Riveters  286     153  The Rainbow Bites                     Final       Bout Gallery 

The Riveters jumped out to a commanding lead in the first several minutes. Then the Bites went into to shutdown mode and came back with a commanding performance and were within a couple of points. The Riveters inched ahead going into the half. The second half was a sloppier half as the penalties piled up. The story was which team could take advantage of the power jams. With more experience on the jam line, the Riveters inched ahead with almost every jam to come away with a victory on this mild fall day.

Unofficial Scoring 
LRR –  Jewella Deville 142, Moonlight Bandit 51, Mis D-Meanor 28, Filipaino 27, Mace of Grace 16, Hazard 16, Big Mack 5, Ms. Shivious 5
RB – Barbarian Librarian 80, Domina Effect 21, Faye Tality 22,Psycho Kitty 12, Smackie Kennedy 13, Rubynator 5
Team Penalties – LRR 35, RB 38 | Lead Jammer – LRR 30, RB 13

Season Opener September 19th 2015

The Undead Avengers  252     152  The Rainbow Bites                     Final        Bout Gallery           Bout Video
Little Red Riveters        224     219  Death Scar Derby Droids           Final        Bout Gallery         Bout Video

Bout Recap UA vs RB
In this first junior bout of the season UA controlled the lead from the opening whistle. There were several momentum shifts in the first half with RB inching the score close. Big jams were the story of this bout for each team. In the 2nd half UA’s senior jammers controlled much of the pace and UA was able to pull away going down the stretch. What a great bout to watch and an awesome way to start the RCR junior season.
Unofficial Scoring 
UA –  Bad Advise 134, Holly Screw-Ya 69, Trouble Clef 21, Snow Fright 15, Murder 7, Rolls Mary’s Baby 6
RB – Barbarian Librarian 41, Faye Tality 35,Psycho Kitty 34, Domina Effect 26, Smackie Kennedy 14
Team Penalties – UA 34, RB 19 | Lead Jammer – UA 38, RB 12

Bout Recap LRR vs DSDD
“Thunderdome” sums it up for this bout. This was an on-the-ropes back and forth affair with each team trading huge left hooks. Skaters where in the penalty box all night, ejections, foul outs. LRR lead much of  the bout but couldn’t shake DSDD. It came down to the final jam. DSDD was behind by about 10 points. Then AC/DC’s Thunderstuck started to play and the jam was on. The Hanger was roaring. DSDD took the lead with the LRR jammer in the penalty box. Then the DSDD jammer went to the penalty box and with 13 seconds left LRR scored the needed points to seize the victory!
Unofficial Scoring
LRR – Filipaino 57, Mis D-Meaner 49, Moonlight Bandit 45, Jewella Devillee 36, Big Mac 21, Mace of Grace 16
DSDD – Starship Trooper 97, Riot Ax 44, Habenero Romero 23, Ms. Shivous 21, Hazard 13, Demon Speed 4
Team Penalties – LRR 52, DSDD 39 | Lead Jammer – LRR 24, DSDD 17

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