In Memory of Bunny

Bunny Lepowski
Player Profile:
Sk8 number: 3-2-1 Contact
Interests: nihilism, pedicures & ATM machines
Dislikes: being broke
Positions: Jammer and Blocker
Favorite derby move: sternum busters & juking fools

Bunny Lepowski, 1980-2009

We deeply regret the passing of fellow league member and friend Bunny Lepowski (aka Becky Verhey). Not just an amazing skater and leader within her team, she was a member of one of the largest Fresh Meat classes in Rose City Rollers history, and she made many friends and fans during her time with the league. Bunny was a contributor to our organization in many ways and she will be dearly, dearly missed.

About Becky Verhey

Becky Verhey was born on July 28, 1980 to Timothy and Jean Verhey.

She graduated from Goodrich High School in Fond du Lac, Wisconsin in 1999. She then moved to LaCrosse, WI and completed her business degree from UW-LaCrosse. Her love for adventure brought her to Portland, Oregon where she worked in marketing and public relations. She fell in love with roller derby and played for Rose City’s High Rollers, skating under the name Bunny Lepowski.

She is preceded in death by her mother Jean Verhey. She is survived by her twin sister, Donna Stock (Bill and Morgan) of Austin, Texas and sister Molly Lenoch (Tony and Jackson) of Grand Rapids, Minnesota, and her father Timothy Verhey, of Thiensville, Wisconsin.

She also has many aunts, uncles, cousins, family and friends who will miss her deeply.

Becky was loved by so many, and touched countless lives with her outgoing personality and charm. She was truly beautiful inside and out.

Memorial Services

Rose City Rollers Memorial, Portland
A celebration of Bunny’s life will take place Saturday, November 14th, 2009 at Doug Fir Lounge. The event is open to the public and will include a slideshow and time for sharing memories. In lieu of flowers, the Rose City Rollers are accepting donations to help Bunny’s family with final arrangements.
Saturday, November 14th from 2-4pm
Doug Fir Lounge
830 E Burnside St.
Portland, OR 97214

Family Memorial, Wisconsin
Friday, November 13th 12:30-2:00pm
Oak Creek Assembly of God Chapel
7311 South 13th St.
Oak Creek, WI 53154

If you’d like to make a contribution to the Verhey family, please make a donation:



Photo Memorials

Thanks to the fans and photographers of Rose City Rollers.

Bunny Lepowski from Benjamin Meader, Chip Mabry, and American Toaster Productions on Vimeo.

Memorial Guestbook

Posted by F-Bomb on Nov 11th, 2009

There’s a light that never goes out. I

Posted by Cuft N. Stuft on Nov 11th, 2009

My heart goes out to all who were close to Bunny. She had a radiance that anyone would be happy to only have half of.

Posted by The Harmaicst on Nov 11th, 2009

Bunny was special. Bunny was integrity. Bunny was loved by all. Bunny was a stunning person both inside and out. Bunny was positive. Bunny was funny. Bunny was a friend, a good friend. Bunny was upbeat. Bunny was sensible. Bunny was a contagious smile. Bunny was smart. Bunny could laugh at herself. Bunny gave it her all. Bunny was reliable. Bunny was an intense competitor. Most of all, Bunny touched more people than she could have ever imagined and they will all miss her dearly and never forget her. Heavenly Bunny, sweet, sweet, Heavenly Bunny.

Posted by Licker*N*Split on Nov 12th, 2009

All the tears shed for her loss could fill an ocean.
Bunny will be cherished in our hearts forever.

Posted by Nicolette on Nov 12th, 2009

We are so sorry for your loss. I didn’t know Bunny personally but she looks like a beautiful, wonderful, fierce woman who probably lit up any room she walked in. Our hearts are with Rose City Rollers and Bunny’s family.

~Nicolette – Rocky Mountain Roller Girls

Posted by Bridget on Nov 12th, 2009

My heart is with Bunny, her friends and her family and all the people that she touched in her short life. I didn’t know her, but you can feel her radiance through her pictures. She is a bright light that we can’t see right now, but she will continue to affect us. Wishing all of you peace and comfort during this difficult time.

-Much Love-

Posted by Sexy Beast on Nov 12th, 2009

Sincerest Condolences to Becky’s Family, Teammates and Friends from B.ay A.rea D.erby Referees.

Posted by Sienna Blaze on Nov 12th, 2009

In this time of loss my heart goes out to all those close to Bunny.

Sienna Blaze – Denver Roller Dolls

Posted by Charli Horse on Nov 12th, 2009

Thank you for sharing a little of her life with us. My thoughts, prayers and so much love go out to her family, friends and her league.

Posted by Leslie Brown on Nov 12th, 2009

My heart is with all of you and though I didn’t know bunny, I can tell she was a light to those who did. We are sorrowful and grieve with you from Denver. I hope you can feel the vibrations of the love and support we have for you at this time.

Leslie – Rocky Mountain Roller Girls

Posted by J. Knee Bones on Nov 12th, 2009

We are so sorry to hear about the passing of a derby sister.

All the best to her family and her derby family during this difficult time!

Suburbia Roller Derby
Westchester, NY

Posted by Skatie Kat on Nov 12th, 2009

Thank you for posting this memorial to Bunny. She was such a sweet woman and derby sister. we will all miss her dearly.


Posted by blonde PHANTOM, CTRG on Nov 12th, 2009

My deepest sympathies for Bunny’s family and Derby sisters. What an amazing smile she had–I’m sure she’ll continue to smile down on you all!

Posted by Crazytrain on Nov 12th, 2009

Sincere condolences to all those blessed to have known and love Bunny.

Posted by November Pain on Nov 12th, 2009

Bunny was radiant. She was a fierce, humble and hilarious competitor. I adored her playfulness, sass and wit. And my, what a smile–contagious to say the least. I feel so lucky to have been in the company of her bright shining light for three short years. I will miss you Ms. LePOWski. Much love to your family, may they draw strength and comfort from the wonderful memories they have of you.

Posted by Divalicous HandiSlap on Nov 12th, 2009

Gone but never forgotten. Good bye, (fierce) Bunny

Posted by Greg O / LRSD on Nov 12th, 2009

So sad to see her go. RCR will not be the same w/ out her. Condolences to RCR, friends & family, keep the memory of this great woman alive.
Last Regiment of Syncopated Drummers

Posted by grunt (ret.) formerly TCRG on Nov 12th, 2009

You knew it was Bunny jamming by her smile alone.
My heart goes out to Bunny’s family, both blood and derby.

“Because of your smile, you make life more beautiful.”
Thich Nhat Hanh quotes (Vietnamese Monk, Activist and Writer. b.1926)
Peace and Love.

Posted by TC Top Cat – Denver Roller Dolls on Nov 12th, 2009

My deepest sympathy to Bunny’s family and her derby sisters.

Posted by Fotodog on Nov 12th, 2009

My deepest sympathies to the family and friends of Bunny.

The tribute is touching and I can tell what a vibrant person she was both on and off the track. Our hearts and prayers are with you.


Posted by HolleyBruiseYa on Nov 12th, 2009

Thank you so much for sharing this with the world. My heart goes out to all her fellow derby sisters, family & friends who now have a hole in their hearts where this amazing woman once resided. Rest in peace, Bunny….

Atomic City Rollergirls

Posted by Lacy Bones on Nov 12th, 2009

What a beautiful tribute. TXRD Lonestar Rollergirls sends it’s condolences.
Much love,
Lacy Bones

Posted by HOT NEW GIRL on Nov 12th, 2009

What a wonderful young lady… my heart broke when i heard about this at regional’s. The family will continue to be in my prayers…

Grand Raggidy Roller Girls
sends it’s love & prayers

Posted by Elsie D. Poundsystem (formerly Circuit Break Her of the Wreck League for RCR) on Nov 12th, 2009

I was so sad to hear the shocking news. She lit up the room wherever she went and was one of the sweetest girls I met during my time with RCR. I’ve worn my HR shirt she gave me several times this last week in remembrance. Thank you so much for creating this!

Elsie D. Poundsystem
Taos Roller Girls/Duke City Derby

Posted by Honey Kutt U on Nov 12th, 2009

What an amazing person. She will be missed dearly.

My thoughts are with her family and friends. May we all find solace in our memories and celebrate her life, which touched so many people.

SuSu (Honey Kutt-U)

Posted by maura lee bankrupt on Nov 12th, 2009

My love and heart goes out to Bunny’s family and all of RCR. Take good care of yourselves. Bunny will be missed.

Posted by Itzo EZ on Nov 12th, 2009

Bunny was one of the most well rounded skaters I ever saw play the game of roller derby. No matter what position she played she was a force to be reckoned with! She was an amazing person who always had a smile on her face and had a TRUE love for the game of roller derby and the people involved in our league. Her skills, huge smile and laugh will be sorely missed. And I know she will be dominating that derby track in the sky!! In this difficult time my thoughts are with all who knew and loved her. Skate on Bun Pow!!

Itzo EZ
Rose City Rollers

Posted by Darryl B. Payne on Nov 12th, 2009

God Rest Your Soul Bunny. To all your friends and family (Derby and blood) our sincerest condolances from The Flint City Derby Girls and the Detroit Derby Girls Leagues.

Derby Love,
Darryl B. Payne

Posted by Zach on Nov 12th, 2009

Our heart goes out to Bunny’s family, friends, and all the skaters that got to know Bunny. God Speed!!

5280 Medical Operations – Denver, CO

Posted by grant on Nov 12th, 2009

nothing lasts forever…

(See my full comment at the GnR blog


Posted by Ripper T. Shreds on Nov 12th, 2009

R.I.P. to one of the sweetest, most talented rollergirls I’ve ever had the pleasure to know. We’ll always miss you Bunny. God Bless your family and friends during this difficult period.

Posted by Blondie Bomb-her on Nov 12th, 2009

Love like the ocean, continues beyond the horizon… And life, like the sun, shines where we cannot see. Thinking of Bunny, her family and all her friends in the time of sadness. She stood out and shined bright on the derby track and I loved watching her skate.

Blondie Bomb-Her
Jet City Rollergirls

Posted by Jackie on Nov 12th, 2009

My heart goes out to Bunny’s friends, family and derby sister. Deepest sympathies.

-Jackie, Windy City Rollers

Posted by Kelsey on Nov 12th, 2009

From those of us who at the Portland Women’s Crisis Line who have been fortunate enough to work with the wonderful RCR women, we’re so, so sorry for your loss. We’ve got Bunny’s loved ones and fellow derby girls in our thoughts.

Posted by swag on Nov 12th, 2009

Deepest condolences to all of Becky’s family and friends. May your fond memories of her console you in this difficult time.

As a roller derby fan, I always found it a thrill to see Bunny Lepowsi round the track, seeking to lap the pack yet again, that cunning smile on her face. When I got to speak with her once at an RCR event, she was just what her friends said she was: open, funny, engaging, smart, gracious. Bunny was and is loved so well for good reason.

What a privilege we have all been to have known her.

Posted by Richard on Nov 12th, 2009

A heart-breaking loss. I didn’t know Bunny personally, but to anyone who saw her skate, smile, and just plain glow out on the track it was obvious that she was a very special woman. My deepest sympathies to her friends and family, in the derby world and beyond.

Posted by Chip on Nov 12th, 2009

Didn’t know Bunny long or well, but I was lucky enough to her do what she loved. She made every one around her smile.

Posted by Ken Wells (Chuck E. Sleeze) on Nov 12th, 2009

Although Becky is no longer with us here, it is good to know she is playing on a greater team in Heaven. When I hear thunder, I know it will be her knocking someone down. To me she was the image of High Rollers 2.0; a reinvented team with endless spirit and will; just like her. I bet she is now playing on a team called the Highest Rollers! There will never be another like her. I think RCR should retire that name and number (on the national register) in her honor.


Posted by Josh B on Nov 12th, 2009

sending my love and support to Rose City and to Bunny’s family. so sad to hear.

Posted by Preflash Gordon on Nov 12th, 2009

Sincere condolences to Bunny’s family, friends and league. I am only happy to think that, in her too-short life, she found the wonderful family that is derby and the wild joy that is skating the track. She looks radiant in the photos and I’m sure she was radiant in person too. Our hearts go out to you on your terrible loss.

Preflash Gordon, North Star Roller Girls Media Team

Posted by Chelsy “Weber” Morisato on Nov 12th, 2009

what a beautiful representation. she was always beautiful and full of life. much like her mother.. my prayers and heartfelt hugs go to the girls (Donna and Molly)…

Posted by Reina on Nov 12th, 2009

I loved skating with Bunny, even when our teams were against each other. She was always so much fun, both on and off the track. Our teams shared Monday night practices for 3 years and would sometimes scrimmage each other in prep for other games. Her feedback stands out to me like it was yesterday.
I almost thought we might be persuaded to come back to derby together after this year’s retirement. I know she was planning on it.
Even if we weren’t best friends, I’ll still miss her for every reason everyone else has stated. I’m thankful I got to know her as part of my derby family.
Rose City

Posted by Helen Wheels on Nov 12th, 2009

On behalf of Tucson Roller Derby, may I extend sincere condolences to Bunny’s family, friends and fellow skaters for their loss. This outpouring of affection is tribute to the way Bunny touched so many others.
Helen Wheels
Tucson Roller Derby

Posted by Edie Disorder on Nov 12th, 2009

I loved to skate with Bunny, not so much against her. Skating with her was an honor. She had tremendous talent as a skater and incredible ability to play roller derby. Bunny’s personality was contagious and she radiated positive energy. I loved and valued her pep talks. I will miss her.

I appreciate the fact that she took a name from a movie I also admire immensely. So here is a quote for Bunny– one of so many that I know she loved.

“Let me explain something to you. Um, I am not “Mr. Lebowski”. You’re Mr. Lebowski. I’m the Dude. So that’s what you call me. You know, that or, uh, His Dudeness, or uh, Duder, or El Duderino if you’re not into the whole brevity thing.”

Posted by Candice Sippel on Nov 12th, 2009

On behalf of friends from home, thank you for the slide show. Becky,”Bunny” was an amazing girl, and this display only shows part of her amazing personality and spirit. She will be greatly missed!!

Posted by Sarah on Nov 12th, 2009

My dad got to work with Bunny outside the Roller Derby world, and I had the chance to see her skate. She will be missed.

Posted by Leet Speaking Missile on Nov 12th, 2009

I will miss Bunny so much. There are only a few of us left that started derby in that gigantic FM “class.” It was always a pleasure to skate with or against her. She was such a wonderful person and playing derby will never be the same without her.

Posted by Scrappy Go Lucky on Nov 12th, 2009

Bunny’s amazing talents were only matched by her incredible, contagious personal presence. It didn’t take being her close friend to feel her loss in our derby community because of how open, fun, and free her spirit was. Everyone who ever encountered her, however briefly, knew this and will feel her absence palpably.

Peace and best wishes to those lucky enough to have known and loved her… We can best honor Bunny not by mourning her death but celebrating how full of life she always was.

Posted by Acid on Nov 12th, 2009

It was so easy to fall into an entertaining conversation with Bunny. She positively affected so many people with her funny antics. I will miss her, and I will miss watching her play derby.

Posted by Tini on Nov 12th, 2009

There are many rooms in the mansion that is our universe and we dwell in one or more of them throughout existence. I hope that those who love Bunny know that she is still with you even if you can no longer see and touch her and she feels the love that you have for her.

My heart is with my derby family and all who are grieving. I hope that you can take comfort knowing that others are sharing your grief and still others sending you love and peace.


Posted by Ravyn on Nov 12th, 2009

All my prayers and my heart goes out to everyone that was touched by the presence of Bunny in their lives. She was a radiant person, I always remember her from going to see the high rollers playing.

Posted by Don Juan RCR on Nov 12th, 2009

From Don Juan,

When I seen bunny jump into the derby scene, I new that she would be one of the greats and a fine one at that! She had great moves and got to be very fast and a great team player. She always had great smiles for me, even if I had to call a penalty on her. The last day we talked, I got the biggest hug from her and almost didn’t want to let go, but I remembered that I was married. She will always be in my thoughts.


Posted by Count Troversial on Nov 13th, 2009

My deepest sympathy to the Verhey family. She was indeed loved by many, not because of her outer beauty, but because of her inner beauty. I wish I could make it to the memorial service. Unfortunately, I have two others to attend this weekend, one on Saturday, one on Sunday. My love and prayers go out to all her family (friends are an extension of the family). May the God of peace and love, the Creator of Heaven and Earth, bring peace to those who mourn.

Posted by The Brixton Bomb on Nov 13th, 2009

Bunny had such a great passion in life and derby.My hart goes out to her Family and friends. The Brixton Bomb G.R.R.G Roller derby

Posted by Ms. Conduct (derby wannabe) on Nov 13th, 2009

My heart goes to Bunny’s real and derby families… I would go to watch my bff skate and found myself more in love with derby due to many reasons one of which was Bunny’s passion she had for the hobbie/job she loved. Without her name being called out over the p.a. derby just won’t be the same….
May the derby girls fill their loss with the memories of a wonderful woman who will be sadly missed by many.
((Side note.. my love and hugs go to u my Fergi aka to the derby world as Smack for ur loss u r feeling))
I hope all of those who love derby and respect those who have the time and guts to do it can overcome this for I am sure Bunny would want you to make this one hell of a season!

Posted by Cher Noble on Nov 13th, 2009

My sincerest condolnces for your loss. Bunny sounds like an amazing woman who left a legacy that will endure forever. Our hearts go out to you at this difficult time.
Cher Noble
North Star Roller Girls
Minneapolis, MN

Posted by POWDER PUFF DERBY QUEENS on Nov 13th, 2009

Our condolences to Bunny family.She will be missed by all .

Posted by Maulie MacKill’em on Nov 13th, 2009

I’m so sorry to hear about the loss of a derby sister.
With much love,
Maulie MacKill’em
Maine Roller Derby

Posted by Ivona B Bruzenher on Nov 13th, 2009

what a great tribute, and a sad loss for the derby family. my thoughts are with her family.
Ivona B. Bruzneher
Slaughterhouse Derby Girls~ Greeley CO

Posted by Stalker Channing on Nov 13th, 2009

From a league that just lost one of our own, the North Star Roller Girls send their deepest condolences. Prepare to be blown away by the love and support of the roller derby family.

Our thoughts are with your league and Bunny’s family.

Stalker Channing

Posted by Thurston Gore on Nov 13th, 2009

Only got to rub shoulders with Bunny a limited couple times for all too briefly. But she was a great skater and person in those interactions with her. My heart mourns for her family, both in life and in derby. RIP Bunny…you will be greatly missed!

Posted by Wanda Gogh? on Nov 13th, 2009

Our deepest condolences to your league, her friends and family.

Wanda Gogh?
North Star Roller Girls

Posted by CoCo Carnage No. 5 on Nov 13th, 2009

Bunny will be greatly missed, my heart goes out to all of you girls and Bunny’s family. Bunny was a beautiful person, even when she was knocking you down. The world is a little less bright with her gone.
With love,
CoCo Carnage No. 5
Rivercity Rollergirls – Richmond, VA

Posted by Primal Screamer on Nov 13th, 2009

Awesome tribute to, I’m sure, an awesome Roller Girl. My heart goes out to her families both derby and kin. Bunny, you will be missed by many.
My condolences to everyone that knew her.

Posted by Sheila “Goldie Knuckles” Westmoreland on Nov 13th, 2009

My heart goes out to the RCR family and the Verhey’s for the loss of Bunny. You are all in my thoughts. Much love, Goldie

Posted by Reverend Jimmie James on Nov 13th, 2009

This is a wonderful tribute to someone who was obviously so dearly loved by her peers.

Bunny’s memory will live on in many different ways. Perhaps her laughter will be heard among a gathering of her friends. Perhaps a whisper in the ear during a particularly difficult jam. Or, perhaps we will hear the echo of her wheels when the thunder sounds.

Reverend Jimmie James,
FoCo Girls Gone Derby

Posted by Juana Beat’n on Nov 13th, 2009

I’m shocked and stunned. I met Bunny once when I visited Portland and in that time became close friends, that is how she made you feel. I’m deeply saddened by this news. All my love goes out the family. Love. Juana Beat’n

Posted by Miss Creant on Nov 13th, 2009

I am so sorry for your loss. My deepest sympathy to Bunny’s friends and family. My thoughts are with all of you during this sad time.
Miss Creant
Maine Roller Derby

Posted by Freddy Kruelgirl on Nov 13th, 2009

Hoping that her family (and her derby family) will find solace in each other and in your memories of her.


Posted by Napalm Beth on Nov 13th, 2009

Bunny was my derby idol. I saw in her an intense passion and love for the game that I admired so much. And who could forget that incredible smile. The world is a little darker without her radiant light.

Much love to all of her family and friends.

-Napalm Beth
Rose City Rollers

Posted by Capt. Ken on Nov 13th, 2009

Some people mean it when they smile. Bunny and her smile will be missed so much. She was one of the first skaters I learned to recognize in roller derby. It was always a pleasure to see her in action on the track, making points and getting the crowd excited. A very great loss, indeed.

Posted by Tiffany Kimbrough on Nov 13th, 2009

Sending sincere condolences and many prayers to the family, friends and team mates of Bunny Lepowski. May you find comfort through each other during this difficult time.

Dixie Derby Girls

Posted by Dally on Nov 13th, 2009

Live. In. Peace. Becky the time we lived together in LaCrosse will forever be with me. There’s not a day that I don’t hear a song on the radio that makes me think about you. But this time Dust in the Wind is for you.

Posted by Reckless Abandon on Nov 13th, 2009

what a beautiful tribute to an obviuosly talented and loved skater. my hear goes out to all who are hurting with this loss. We all here from Walla Walla Sweets Roller Girls will be saying prayers for you. God bless

Posted by David(melonthumper)Horst on Nov 13th, 2009

Rest In Peace , Bunny, as a new person to RCR, i know you will be missed.
I wish your family to think of all the great times you and the derby had with you.
My sincere condolences.

Posted by Willa Crasher on Nov 13th, 2009

Our thoughts and prayers are with you.

North Star Roller Girls

Posted by Flame Throw-Her on Nov 13th, 2009

So sorry for your loss. Good thoughts to all of you and to her family.

Posted by Domesticated Violence on Nov 13th, 2009

I did not know Bunny that well but I did not have to know her to see the light she emitted. My heart is heavy for those who were close with her – especially her family and the High Rollers. I will certainly miss having such a fierce opponent on the track.


Posted by 8-Ball on Nov 13th, 2009

If I leave you with the sunrise
When I’ve scarcely drawn a breath,
When the cord that still connects us
Brings not life, but only death;
When your labours leave you fruitless
And your heart is feeling sore,
Will you mourn me – but remembering
That death is but a door.

I may stay a little longer
‘Til the sun has climbed the sky,
When you’ve answered all my questions
But I keep on asking Why?
And you’ve read me all the stories
But I go on wanting more;
Will you mourn me – but remembering
That death is but a door.

You may lose me when I’m adult
And the sun is high at noon;
When I’ve given you a grandchild,
And my leaving is too soon;
Will you teach my child to love me?
Let her know what I stood for?
So she’ll mourn me – but remembering
That death is but a door.

It may be that I shall tarry
‘Til the sun sinks into dusk,
When my body’s bent and withered
Like dried wheat within the husk,
And I’m left with only memories –
Since you have gone before,
Then I’ll mourn you – but remembering
That LIFE is but a door.”

Much Derby Love to her family and friends..

8-Ball and Trinity Knox
Minnesota RollerGirls

Posted by Texas Chainsaw Mascara on Nov 13th, 2009

We can’t imagine the pain that you all are going through right now. Our thoughts, prayers and wishes will be with Bunny’s family and Rose City.

With much love,

Texas Chainsaw Mascara
Foco Girls Gone Derby

Posted by t’Beatcha on Nov 13th, 2009

Bunny will be missed by all of use whose lives she touched. She always gave 100% – on and off the track. Her smile was infectious and will be missed by everyone who ever caught a glimpse of it. My thoughts and wishes go out to all of those who loved her.

Posted by Douglas Remington on Nov 13th, 2009

If there were an equivalent in girls roller derby, to the talents of say, Michael Jordan, or Lebron James, it would be, Becky Verhey. She had a dangerously powerful energy field, and fortunately she used it for good purposes; even though she could put any one down on the floor when she so pleased. That Smile? Oh what can I say, the High Rollers, what a blessed team, put Bunny with Madam Bumpsalot together and the two of their smiles reach around the globe!
With my busy life, I regretfully had to take time off this season, I wish I could have photographed Bunny some more, however I feel honored to be given the chance to make a tribute video and slide show for her, it was the very least I could do. For a photographer, being given the opportunity to photograph this incredible person was a privilege beyond compare; she was an artist on the court. Bunny, in your next incarnation, please slow down, the bone and fracture clinics will not have enough staff to treat all your victims! So long friend.
~Douglas Remington –

Posted by Bittersweet Child O Mine on Nov 13th, 2009

Bunny was my friend, she made me feel as if there was nothing but love when we talked. She made me feel accepted. I admired how hard she would hit me, it was pure effort, no hate. I gave her a teenage mutant ninja turtles shirt when she got drafted to the high rollers that said “I’m mean, I’m green and I’m on the scene” with her nname on the back. It was a youth large and fit really tight. She was so touched by the gift and I was so happy whenshe wore it. I was looking forward to our upcoming sewing date. I didn’t hang out with her as much as I could. Bunny made everyone feel invited and as if she brought the good times with her. I can’t pick a favorite memory, just a favorite look. Her face always made me smile. I will always love her. Goodbye Bunny and thanks.
Always, Bitter

Posted by Bijou Blacnbleu on Nov 14th, 2009

My deepest condolences for your loss. I will keep you all in my thoughts and prayers. Thank you for the tribute to Bunny! I did not know her, and feel the tribute is a wonderful way to remember. Her spirit shines through.

With love,

Denver Roller Dolls

Posted by Petty Rage on Nov 14th, 2009

Sleep little bunny foo foo, rest those weary bones.

May everyone that is hurting from her sudden passing find the light that she emitted that is still shining to warm their hearts and faces. When you feel the kiss of the sun on your face, know in yur heart that it is Bunny, beaming with love for you and that she is at peace.

Bless you bunny, and all that had the privilidge of knowing and loving you.

May her family feel the softness of angels wings as they are held in this time of grief.

Petty Rage
Lava City

Posted by Kami on Nov 14th, 2009

I’m so sorry for your loss.

Such a beautiful, talented young woman.

Posted by No Zone (Reign Valley Vixens) on Nov 14th, 2009

RIP beautiful lady, my condolences to her derby and other family and friends, loss is never easy but her memory will keep her alive in hearts always.

So sorry for your loss

No Zone
Reign Valley Vixens -Super Awesome Ref Squad.

Posted by melonthumper on Nov 14th, 2009

what a great tribute to one who has lived so large and filled so many w/ love and laughter.The memorial was the best!

Posted by Sinister on Nov 15th, 2009

My sincerest condolences for her loss. I never knew her, but a loss in the derby world effects all of us, as we are united by our love of this sport. May Bunny rest in peace.

Sinister Love Kitten
Pikes Peak Derby Dames

Posted by Pro on Nov 16th, 2009

Deepest Sympathy to your league and her family, from Northwest Arkansas Roller Derby.

Posted by Deputy Dog on Nov 16th, 2009

She will be missed. RIP

Posted by DancingScott on Nov 16th, 2009

She was so much fun. I’ll miss her a lot. I’ll miss her love of skating. I’ll miss sitting on the floor at bouts and screaming “BUNNNEEEEE!!!” whenever she came up to the jammer line. I’ll miss buying her vodka crans at the afterparties. I’ll miss her contagious smile and laughter.

Posted by Terminal City Rollergirls on Nov 16th, 2009

Bunny, we will miss your beautiful smile and your finesse on the track. May your wonderful spirit live on in each of those you touched.

Condolences to your family, friends, and to the Rose City Rollers.

Terminal City Rollergirls
Vancouver, BC, Canada

Posted by Mia Wallups on Nov 16th, 2009

Much love to Bunny’s family and RCR. I didn’t get the chance to meet her, but after watching the memorial, I surely wish I had. What an amazing smile and she obviously exuded charm. Treasure Valley sends our love and sympathy to you all. What a beautiful soul.

mia wallups
treasure valley rollergirls
boise, id

Posted by Dee Moralizer on Nov 16th, 2009

I had the honor of skating against Bunny and she was an amazing competitor and powerful woman. Our hearts go out to RCR and her friends and family. She will be sorely missed.

Dee Moralizer
The Lava City Roller Dolls

Posted by Kanna on Nov 17th, 2009

Thank you Bunny for being in my life.

You made me feel so comfortable everytime I’d enter through that squeaky red door at the hanger – loitering around just to watch practice. I hardly knew anyone yet. However, you knew I was Tauntya’s friend so therefore I was also your friend too. You would come up to me with your beautiful smile and say “Hi Kanna” and give me a sweet bun-hug.

I’m glad I got to enjoy dinner with you at the Hotcake House a few weeks ago. Goofing off with you and Tauntya was a hoot. That will always be a precious night for me.

Thank you Bunny for being in my life. Thank you for touching the hearts of so many people. Know you were and are so very loved. I look forward to seeing you again some day. I wait to see that beautiful smile.

Posted by Emily Moon on Nov 18th, 2009

I find this news very heavy on the heart. I have truly missed bumping into my neighbour’s smiling warm hearted welcome on the street or getting my quick fix at the high rollers swag table so she can say thanks for being there. I do however find comfort in knowing that I can count on seeing her in my memories as bright as her smile. My thoughts are with all of those who were touched by such a diva of happiness. You will most definitely be missed. Much love for now and always Bunny.

Posted by Anya B Hinds on Nov 29th, 2009

The Fox Cityz Foxz (may of us are from Fond Du Lac, WI) were deeply saddened to hear of your loss. Her family, friends and the RCR league are in our thoughts and payers.

Anya B Hinds
Fox Cityz Foxz-Appleton, WI

Posted by MacStabby J. on Apr 13th, 2012

I just watched the documentary about RCR and was deeply saddened to find that Bunny Lepowski had passed some time ago. She graduated from LPG a year ahead of me, which was surprising to find out; small world indeed. I’m so sorry for your loss. She seemed like a lovely person.

Posted by Victor on May 6th, 2012

Never met Becky or saw her skating and it’s sad to say I never will. But I feel family and friends, fans and those who had the privilege of knowing her lost something they loved deeply. Her early departure has taken a piece out of every heart. I am going to join them. I’ll really miss this wonderful person l never knew. I’ll miss the chance to see her smiling or skating. I regret I never had the chance to meet her and shake her hand. Sounds crazy! RIP dear Bunny. My deep condolences to

her family, friends and team for this great loss.