Guns N Rollers

gunsnrollersWhile other toddlers were learning how to give high fives…

These ladies were throwin’ up their first horns.

Most kids were saving their allowance for Mattel toys, scrunchie socks, and ice cream, but these young’uns were hoarding for cans of Aqua Net, records, and fingerless gloves. They had the highest bangs in grade school, the shortest acid-wash minis in middle school, and the worst attitudes in high school (if they chose to stop rocking and attend class, that is). These ladies were the renegades, outsiders and rockers of Anytown, USA.

Playing air guitar, drums, and lip syncing in rock ‘n’ roll cover bands across the country, each lady eventually made her hard-knock way to the City of Roses. One fateful night, a local dive hosted a hair band karaoke contest. A feminine blur of animal print, lace, mesh, bad bleach jobs, and killer moves soon formed like Voltron into a rocking force beyond all fathom. The energy was there, the time was right, these ladies all rocked on an even playing field. Did we mention they were all bad ass skaters? Together, this motley crew of female undesirables became Portland’s infamous Guns N Rollers.

Their hair is big and their gear is tight. They skate as hard as they rock and have unrivaled air harmony. Let’s get one thing straight though, they’re not just here for the groupies, after parties, and power slides, they’re here to rock and roll the competition right off the track. Show us your horns, Portland! G-N-R baby!!!
All Photos Courtesy of Your Sunday Best Photography!


Ahna Roll - Guns N Rollers

Ahna Roll #97

Artemis Foulmouth - Guns N Rollers

Artemis Foulmouth #29

BITE Mimi - Guns N Rollers

BITE Mimi #86

Coperna Cuss - Guns N Rollers

Coperna Cuss #365

Harajuke a Girl - Guns N Rollers

Harajuke A Girl #480

Hellslinger - Guns N Rollers

Havana Good Time #81

Hellslinger - Guns N Rollers

Hellslinger #999

Ivana Thrasher - Guns N Rollers

Ivana Thrasher #522

Juvie Hall - Guns N Rollers

Juvie Hall #419

Keto Kabaam! - Guns N Rollers

Keto Kabaam! #828

Portia Potty - Guns N Rollers

Portia Potty #P00

Roarshock Tess - Guns N Rollers

Roarshock Tess #503

Roller Eclipse - Guns N Rollers

Roller Eclipse #1221

Scald Eagle - Guns N Rollers

Scald Eagle #50

Scarlene - Guns N Rollers

Scarlene #245

Tyger Bomb - Guns N Rollers

Tyger Bomb #M80

Untamed Shrew - Guns N Rollers

Untamed Shrew #2.1

Va Va BOOM - Guns N Rollers

Va Va BOOM #32G

Yoga Nabi Sari - Guns N Rollers

Yoga Nabi Sari #808

Whippet Good - Guns N Rollers

Whippet Good #237


Bexter Morgan - Wheels of Justice

Bexter Morgan

Shreddy Mercury