Standings & Stats

2015 Season 10 Standings

Determining Intra-League Rank

Rank is determined by (in order of influence)

  1. Win-Loss record (win percentage)
  2. Head-to-head performance
  3. Average Point Differential (APD)

In the case of non-standard bout format, such as the Rose City Rollers Opening Tournament, wins and losses count as half games.

Past Season Standings

Season 9 2014
Season 8 2013
Season 7 2012
Season 6 2011
Season 5 2010

Current intra-league ranking based on games played December 2014 – May 5, 2015.

Rank Team Win-Loss
1 High Rollers
High Rollers
6W 0L

Season Opener vs HH (W)
Jan 31 vs BNB (W)
Feb 14 vs GNR (W)
Mar 7 vs HH (W)
Mar 25 vs BNB (W)
Apr 15 vs GNR (W)
2 hh_logo_small
Heartless Heathers
4W 2L

Season Opener vs HR (L)
Jan 10 vs BNB (W)
Jan 21 vs GNR (W)
Feb 25 vs BNB (W)
Mar 7 vs HR (L)
Mar 21 vs GNR (W)
3 bnb_logo_small
Break Neck Betties
2W 4L

Season Opener vs GNR (W)
Jan 10 vs HH (L)
Jan 31 vs HR (L)
Feb 25 vs HH (L)
Mar 25 vs HR (L)
Apr 25 vs GNR (W)
4 gnr_logo_small
Guns n Rollers
0W 6L

Season Opener vs BB (L)
Jan 21 vs HH (L)
Feb 14 vs HR (L)
Mar 21 vs HH (L)
Apr 15 vs HR (L)
Apr 25 vs BNB (L)

Note: Rankings based upon game results for December 2014 – May 5, 2015.


WFTDA Standings

wheels-of-justice-logo.pngStandings can be found on the WFTDA Rankings page.
As of Apr 30, 2015, Wheels of Justice rank 3rd of 243 ranked teams in the WFTDA.