Standings & Stats

2014 Season 9 Standings

Determining Intra-League Rank

Rank is determined by (in order of influence)

  1. Win-Loss record (win percentage)
  2. Head-to-head performance
  3. Average Point Differential (APD)

In the case of non-standard bout format, such as the Rose City Rollers Opening Tournament, wins and losses count as half games.

Past Season Standings

Season 8 2013
Season 7 2012
Season 6 2011
Season 5 2010

Current intra-league ranking based on games played January-April 2014.

Rank Team Win-Loss
1 bnb_logo_small
Break Neck Betties
4W 0L

Season Opener vs GnR (W)
Feb 22 vs HH (W)
Mar 7 vs HR (W)
Apr 11 vs HH (W)
2 hh_logo_small
Heartless Heathers
2W 2L

Season Opener vs HR (W)
Feb 22 vs BB (L)
Mar 21 vs GNR (W)
Apr 11 vs BB (L)
3 High Rollers
High Rollers
1W 3L

Season Opener vs HH (L)
Feb 21 vs GnR (W)
Mar 7 vs BB (L)
Apr 12 vs GNR (L)
4 gnr_logo_small
Guns n Rollers
1W 3L

Season Opener vs BB (L)
Feb 21 vs HR (L)
Mar 21 vs HH (L)
Apr 12 vs HR (W)

Note: Rankings based upon game results for January-April 2014.


WFTDA Standings

wheels-of-justice-logo.pngStandings can be found on the WFTDA Rankings page.

As for Q4 2014, Wheels of Justice rank 2nd of 205 ranked teams in the WFTDA.