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I heart GNR

Unread postby Amanda HugNKill » Mon Jun 20, 2011 11:06 am

Thanks, GNR, for a wonderful season!

We said goodbye to Blood, Cadi, Smack, Mel, and Napalm, who moved on to take over the world on Wheels of Justice.
We bid farewell to retirees Punchkin, Reina, Sly, and Mora.
We saw an Eagle spread her wings and soar.
We found out just how much a waspish Shrew can truly sting.
And a Squid wrapped her tiny tentacles around our hearts.
We witnessed last year’s talent grow into a brick house of power in Juvie, Bella, Micro, and Sugar.
We got to know pre-season pick-ups Slaughtra, Juke, Eclipse, and Dirty.
And Havana had a good time.
Artemis joined forces with the fairies to bring some pixie magic to the Jungle.
We welcomed back butt-rocking GNR alums Itzo EZ and Guts N Bolts.
We saw a Tyger bust her tail as our newest recruit.
And we discovered Sixpack’s real Supapower: the ability to jam while missing a chunk out of her eyeball.

The season of rebuilding has ended! Let the Age of Domination begin!

-From your #1 Groupie, I love you all so very greatly :headbang:
-Amanda HugNKill
(website contributor and SuperFan)
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Amanda HugNKill
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Re: I heart GNR

Unread postby Mark Armstrong » Mon Jun 20, 2011 11:10 am

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Mark Armstrong
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Re: I heart GNR

Unread postby GrumpityBugg » Sat Jun 25, 2011 9:50 am

Here's to striking fear into the hearts of the league at the end of the season - and winning those matches next year. It's coming ...

Rock the [redacted] on! \m/ \m/
GnR sponsor and semi-rabid track-side supporter.
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