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Rose City Rollers Represent at 2018 Roller Derby World Cup

Portland, OR – The Roller Derby World Cup will be held in Manchester, UK, from February 1st through the 4th, with skaters from Rose City Rollers — the number one ranked roller derby league in North America and the number two ranked roller derby league in the world—contributing skaters to five teams.

Team USA and Team Canada pose for a photograph after a bout at The Hangar in Portland, OR, last summer. (Photography Credit: Regularman Photography)

Bonnie Thunders (Nicole Williams), Jes Rivas, Loren Mutch, Licker-n-Split, and Jessica Chestnut will be skating for Team USA, which will be coached by Drew Flowers, another member of Rose City Rollers. This is the single largest contingent of Rose City Rollers’ skaters playing for a single team at the Roller Derby World Cup. What is more remarkable is the fact that Rose City skaters make up one fifth of Team USA’s 20-person roster.

“Representing USA roller derby at the World Cup is an honor and one of the athletic achievements of my lifetime,” says Jes Rivas. “When I take the track with my teammates in Manchester, I want to skate with the relentless determination, dogged work ethic, and insane talent shared by the giant pool of people who play and make this sport possible.”

Rose City Rollers also will be represented on Team Brazil, Team Russia, Team West Indies, and Team Spain. “Representing Trinidad and Tobago at the Roller Derby World Cup, has brought me closer to my roots, and my entire family,” says Visakha Seon, who normally skates for the Wheels of Justice and the Guns N Rollers. “I am humbled and honored to be a part of this world stage for our sport.”

In addition to the adult skaters, Portland will be sending one of its junior skaters—Square Not (Ridley Liu)—to the International Derby Exhibition at the World Cup. Square Not, who is 14, was invited after submitting a tape of her skating to a selection board. When asked what she wished more people knew about roller derby, she had this to say:

“The movie Whip It! is not what flat-track roller derby is like these days. I wish more people knew about the sport in general.”

Square Not (Ridley Liu), who skates in Rose City Rollers’ Junior Program, will be traveling to England to compete in the International Derby Exhibition. (Photography Credit: Regularman Photography)

BBC Sport will be broadcasting the Roller Derby World Cup finals from Manchester. If you would like to see these athletes skate closer to home, Rose City Rollers’ next home team bouts will take place on February 16 & 17, and its junior programs will play a double header on February 18. For tickets, please visit the Events page.

Lifer Award Winners 2018: Effy and Minstrel Psycho

Rose City Rollers is excited to be able to award two amazing volunteers with the Life Award again this year. Congratulations to Effy and Minstrel Psycho for dedicating so much time, love and energy to this league. We would not be who we are today without you!

Name: Effy
Years in roller derby: 8
Roles in the league: A little bit of everything… most recently WoJ team manager and NSO!
What brought you to Rose City Rollers? I had just turned 19 and was looking for a community to call my own
What does volunteering with RCR mean to you? I like that it feels like I’m part of something kind of secret but that also has a big impact within the derby community in general. It’s really amazing to see how derby had changed so many peoples lives.

Photo by Upswept Creative

Name: Minstrel Psycho/Cindy Young
Years in roller derby: 10 yrs
Roles in the league: Banner girl, Ex-Travel Team skater, Current Home team skater, Training Committee, Co-Chair Accountability Committee, Rose Bud coach, Voice of reason and of course Grandmotherly duties.
What brought you to Rose City Rollers? My love for Roller Derby! Hitting and getting hit! Nothing better!
What does volunteering with RCR mean to you? It’s so important to me. To lift, empower and support women and young girls to thrive in all they do. To watch the growth of a new skater is so exciting! These women and young girls inspire me everyday.

Derby as a global community

Want a free Rose City Rollers T-Shirt?

Who doesn’t want a (another) derby t-shirt?

And a free one at that?

Get out of here, right?

One of the discussions that we have been having here in The Hangar is about the scope of our audience: who you are, where you are, what you’re like, etc. Sure, we could run Google Analytics or Twitter Analytics but, hey, let’s be honest, those things don’t say much about you as a person. If there’s one thing that we know about the people who play and watch derby, it’s that they—you— are more than a “unique visitor per month.”

Derby is a global community. We all know this. Everyone says it all the time. For once, though, it would be great to see that idea be demonstrated as a reality. Let’s use the Intertubes to hammer the point home.

We hosted the London Rollergirls at our Hometown Throwdown this past year, we skated against Argentina’s 2×4 Roller Derby and Montreal’s New Skids on the Block in Seattle; and we enjoyed watching Malmö and skating against Melbourne at the Championships in Philadelphia. Do we have anyone from Japan following us? South Africa? Ireland? Finland?

With that in mind, we thought that we would start off 2018 with a little fun: take a photo of yourself holding a sign that mentions the Rose City Rollers in a friendly and fun way along with where you are taking the photo and, if you happen to be the person furthest away from The Hangar (45.4719, -122.6616), we will send you a t-shirt.

The rules (such as they are):

  • Post your photo on either Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram;
  • Be sure to tag us (i.e., post to our Facebook page, “at” us on our Twitter account, etc.);
  • If you use Twitter, let’s try something else: tag the photo with #wearederby to see if we can’t maybe get this to trend;
  • As many people can be in the photo as you want (i.e., your team, your league, your friends) but only one shirt is going out (like every roller derby league, we are, at the end of the day, a non-profit);
  • Be awesome. If you are involved in or follow derby, you are awesome; we want to see that awesomeness in how you approach the photo (read: we don’t get out as much as we’d like so your photos give us a chance to live vicariously through you); and
  • The contest will close on 12 January 2018 at 5:00 p.m. PST (the day before our 2018 season kicks off!).

Oh, while the person who submits the photo (or their designated recipient) wins the t-shirt, we will have two “honorable mentions.” This will be our (completely arbitrary and non-quantifiable) way of recognizing a great submission (same basic rules apply though).

We look forward to seeing, and getting to know, more of you!

Gold Star Volunteer December 2017: Andy Oakley

Rose City Rollers is pleased to present the Gold Star Volunteer Award for December to Andy Oakley. Andy consistently goes above and beyond for the league and promotes the mission of the league through service and dedication. As a coach, NSO, bout coordinator and home team skater, Andy has put her stamp just about everywhere in the league. She truly exemplifies what roller derby, community, and giving means to us here in the Rose City.

Andy Oakley #22

Why have you stayed involved with RCR?
I was never really athletic growing up, but being a part of roller derby has taught me that my body can do so many things!  I also have teammates that are very supportive of me, which helps when I’m having a hard time (in skating or in life!).  I also really like working with the Rockets, and seeing how much better they get at skating in just a short time.  This is also true of the juniors – I’ve coached some of them since they started skating, and now some of the same skaters are part of our Rosebuds Travel Team.

What has being a RCR volunteer meant to you?
I get to spend my time doing what I love!  I think getting to travel to other leagues when officiating or even skating has shown me that RCR has really great officials and volunteers.  We run top-notch bouts, we train officials and volunteers really well, and although sometimes we may think things are not running completely smoothly, we really do have organization to all the chaos.  Rose City is a really big league and I meet new volunteers almost every time I show up to the hangar!

Do you have a favorite team?
My team, of course, the High Rollers!  (The High Rollers were always my favorite home team even when they lost every game in one season)  But I am also a fan of the Wreckers, the Rockets, the Rosebuds, and the Wheels of Justice.  We have some pretty sweet teams at Rose City.

Do you have a favorite skater/official/volunteer?
I really look up to Hannah Jennings on Wheels of Justice.  She is smart, hard working and confident – I’d like to be like her as a skater.   I think my favorite official would have to be Darth Bling – he puts so much time and effort into getting better and making the whole league better, from officials to skaters.

On Being Thankful… and Giving


As we emerge from our turkey- and pie-induced hazes, we want to take a moment—even if we are a little late—to give a little thanks:


Photo: Regularman Photography

To our fans: Whether you are a family members, a friend or coworker of an acquaintance, or a Portlanders who see Rose City Rollers as a unique part of our city’s sports and social fabric, you are awesome. The energy you bring to our bouts, and the warmth you show our skaters and the teams that come to play us, fuels us. Thank you!

To our sponsors: Deciding where to put one’s marketing dollar is never easy: choosing to support Rose City Rollers means the world to us. Your support enables us to continue serving women and girls who want to play roller derby and, through roller derby, helping them realize their power both on skates and off. Thank you!



Photo: Regularman Photography

To our skaters and the international derby community. Derby is a special and awesome community. Regardless of which of our eleven programs you skate in, the commitment, energy, and enthusiasm you bring to the game is what makes Rose City Rollers so special. This is every bit as true for our counterparts around America and the world: Victorian, Gotham, Denver, Minnesota, Texas, London, Angel City, Atlanta, Rat City, 2×4, Montreal, Arch Rival, and all the others: thank you for skating hard against us and making the derby community the vibrant global community that it is!



Today is #GivingTuesday and Rose City Rollers, as a 501(c)3 charitable organization, could use your help. Our effort to find a new home consumes a lot of our time, attention, and energy but the fact is there are a lot of ways for you to support us: come to our bouts, show your support by sporting our merchandise, make a one-time gift donation, become a monthly sustaining member, have your employer match the gift you make to Rose City Rollers, make an in-kind donation, or support us indirectly through Fred Meyers’ Reward Card or through Amazon Smile. Take a look at our Donations page to learn more.




Gold Star Volunteer November 2017: Fleur de Lethal

Rose City Rollers is proud to recognize Fleur de Lethal as our November Gold Star Volunteer. If you started your derby journey in Derby 101, chances are you’ve been coached by Fleur de Lethal. Her style of coaching is the perfect combination of guide, mentor, and no-nonsense, fostering a sense of courageousness and can-do attitude for skaters. Her contributions to the league don’t end with coaching – She has done a little bit of everything, including NSOing. We are so happy she is our November Gold Star and excited to see what the future holds for her with our league.

What was/has your favorite volunteer experience been?

Getting to work this past year on the new league MSR system has been incredibly rewarding. I love seeing the entire league work together to problem solve and grow and move forward in this sport. I am so very proud of everything we have been able to accomplish and I feel like RCR is a true leader in the world of roller derby, not just through our skaters’ skills, but in our ability to function cohesively as a large league and leverage the strengths of our members to be the strengths of our league.

What has being in RCR volunteer meant to you?

This sport and this league have given so much value to my life, that volunteering is a way I can give back and also help support the journeys of each new wave of individuals who come to RCR to find strength, support, community, and engagement in their lives. It takes a village to raise a league and we are so much stronger together.

Is there anything RCR could do better for its volunteers?

Some of the most rewarding volunteering I have done with RCR has come from me recognizing areas of improvement and finding ways I can use my strengths to help create the growth I am passionate about. Things change in this league when people are passionate about the possibility of growth and are willing to do the hard work to get there. I think sometimes with a league of this size it’s easy to feel like it’s too large for anyone to have an effect on it, and that can be frustrating or demoralizing for folks who see the things in the league that are not so great, who are waiting for RCR to fix the issues. I want RCR to continue to message the reality that all league members are capable of affecting the change they want to see and it is the responsibility of ALL of us to step up and help move RCR forward. It’s easy to get burned out being in one role for too long, and I think it’s important to share the load and shift tasks frequently to make sure I, as a volunteer, am always excited and passionate about the work I am doing, and enjoying my engagement, so I can always bring my best self to my volunteerism.

Wheels of Justice Complete First Steps Toward a Third World Championship

Carousel and header photo by Christina Hellslinger Capobianco

Earlier this month, Portland’s Wheels of Justice took their first steps toward a third consecutive World Flat Track Derby Association (WFTDA) championship by going 3-0 at the Division 1 Playoffs held in Seattle, Washington. The Wheels of Justice are the Rose City Rollers’ all-star team and represent some of the best roller derby athletes that the city—if not the world—has to offer.

Over the course of the weekend, the Wheels of Justice experienced once again the global nature of roller derby by playing Team Osom from Buenos Aires, Argentina, and the New Skids on the Block from Montréal, Canada before facing the Hollywood Scarlets from Los Angeles, California.

Don’t let the team names fool you: today’s roller derby is a long way off from the theatrical roller derby that many remember from the mid-1980s. Today’s skaters routinely demonstrate a degree of athleticism—and mental toughness—that astound audiences.

“Our preparation for post-season play has been rigorous,” says Wheels of Justice captain Elicia Nisbet-Smith. “We practice four nights a week, often for three hours at a time. This is the level of training that has helped us win championships, and with our competitors nipping at our heels, it’s more important than ever that we maintain match fitness.”

The team’s three wins in Seattle mean that the Wheels of Justice will head to the International WFTDA Championships in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, as the number one seed.

“Now that we’ve achieved back-to-back championship wins, the heat is on,” says Nisbet-Smith. “We know our top competitors will be analyzing our playoffs games, but we now have plenty of time to refine our strategies and have new plays ready by the time championships comes around.”

The Wheels of Justice’s success on the track is no coincidence: Rose City Rollers—Portland’s hometown roller derby league—has over the past several years emerged as a powerhouse in competitive roller derby, attracting skaters from across the country to play on its four home teams.

“The incredible skill and high level of competition trickles down from our All-star team to all other teams and programs in the league,” remarks Kim Stegeman, Execute Director of the Rose City Rollers. “Rose City trains some of the highest skilled skaters in the world, at all levels of play. We love being able to share that with the Portland community”

If you are interested in seeing a roller derby bout before the International WFTDA Championships, check out the Rose City Rollers’ Events page. We have a full weekend of derby coming up at The Hangar at Oaks Amusement Park:

  • On Friday evening at 8:00 p.m., the Break Neck Betties—one of Portland’s home teams—will be taking on the Palouse River Rollers All-Stars from Pullman, Washington
  • Rose City Rollers’ junior programs kick off their 2017-2018 season on Saturday afternoon at 1:00 p.m
  • On Sunday afternoon at 1:00 p.m., the Rockets—Portland’s training ground for its future home team skaters—will take on Los Angeles’ Renegade Roller Girls

Rose City Rollers also has opportunities for girls and women at all skating levels who are interested in derby; to see what those programs are and learn how to join them, please visit this page.

About Rose City Rollers:
The Rose City Rollers serve women and girls who want to play the team sport of roller derby, connect with an inclusive community, and realize their power both on skates and off. (We are a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, formed in 2004, and a founding member of the Women’s Flat Track Derby Association)

Posted in WOJ

Rose City Rollers is in the Give!Guide!

We got into the Give!Guide for the second year in a row and we are so excited!

What is the Give!Guide, you might ask?

The Give!Guide is an awesome program run by our local Willamette Week newspaper. It is a website and print guide to a number of local nonprofits, encouraging philanthropic giving amongst a younger generation. The site makes it easy to learn about and support local organizations.

We are thrilled to be a part of this program, giving us the chance to spread the derby gospel as well as raise needed funds for our programs.

Mark your calendars for November 2, 2017 to donate and help us promote the Give!Guide!

Rose City Rollers is a 501c3 non profit organization whose mission it is to serve women and girls who want to play the team sport of roller derby, connect with an inclusive community and realize their power both on skates and off. All donations are tax deductible.

If you would like to make a donation with a check, please send it to:

Rose City Rollers
Attn: Realize Your Power
PO Box 86886
Portland OR 97286


Gold Star Volunteer October 2017: Amber Waves of Pain

If you have ever been to the hangar on a bout night, you probably seen Amber (Waves of Pain) slinging merchandise for the league and watching the bout play out. She is as dedicated to RCR as she is to roller derby itself, and gives them both 100%. Rose City Rollers is more than proud to honor Amber for her time, effort, and energy poured into helping shape the community, as our Gold Star Volunteer recipient for October. Make sure to stop by the merch booth, grab a sweet t-shirt and tell her congratulations.

Why have you stayed involved with RCR? Beyond learning the skills needed to play roller derby, RCR has given me the opportunity to become part of a strong, supportive community of people—some who have become my dear friends. I joined the league during a transformative period in my life and as a result, grew stronger mentally and physically both on and off the track.

What was your favorite volunteer experience? I love working at the league merchandise table because I get the opportunity to talk to roller derby fans from all over the world. Whether it’s their first or 30th time attending a bout, the fans possess an excitement that’s electricrifying. I get to share that moment with them and hear firsthand the love, support, excitement for the sport of roller derby, for our awesome league and our dedicated skaters.

What has being an RCR Volunteer meant to you?
Simply put, it’s the opportunity to contribute to a community and sport I love as well as a chance to be a part of something bigger than myself.