WFTDA International Championship Tickets are on sale!!



Watch the top teams in the world compete for women’s flat track roller derby’s highest honor in the 2016 International WFTDA Championships in Portland, Oregon, USA. Visit for all the tournament information you need, whether you plan to attend in person or watch live on

Some details:

$75 GA – pick a seat anywhere in the room, including very limited floor seating (like on your butt on concrete)
$125 VIP – the first ten rows on the straight aways and you get assigned seating, so no having to fight for a seat for the big games!

Sections 12-16 are jam line side

09/01: Donate blood with Bloodworks NW and RCR!



Bloodworks NW sends on average 3,000 units of blood to Oregon Legacy and Providence Hospitals every year. In the last 3 months close to 9,000 units have been sent to local hospitals. Please help us help people in our community!

Will you help save lives of patients right here in the Portland metro area? All you have to do is take an hour out of your dayto donate blood. You can help save the lives of THREE people right here in our community. The need for blood never ends and patients are counting on us. Bloodworks is your non-profit LOCAL supplier ofblood as the sole supplier to all
Legacy and Providence Hospitals they provide more than 55% of the blood needed in the Portland metro area!

Blood Mobile at the Hangar at Oaks Park
7805 SE Oaks Park Way in Portland
12:30pm – 6:30pm
(closed 3:00pm – 4:00pm)

Walk-ins also welcome

Bloodworks NW is a non-profit blood center that provides life-saving blood to local hospitals. We supply roughly 90 hospitals and clinics throughout Washington, Oregon and Alaska. We are the exclusive provider ofblood to ALL Legacy and Providence Hospitals in Oregon. We also provide all of the hospitals in SW Washington. We send close to 50,000 units (pints) of blood to local hospitals!



Travel Team Spotlight: Zena Zissou

From Derby 101 to Rose City Rollers Travel Team, Zena Zissou has moved through the RCR program with dedication and style. Let’s chat with one of our newest Wheels of Justice skaters!

Name: Zena Zissou


Home Team:Heartless Heathers


When did you start derby? My Wreckers orientation was November 2nd, 2013.


Did you start here in Rose City? When I went to Wreckers orientation I did not know how to roller skate, had seen roller derby once, but knew I had found something to love. So, I spent the next six weeks working my butt off in Derby 101 trying to learn how to skate, with the help of the ever-so-patient Feliz Brutality. I did not graduate in the first six weeks but was lucky enough that there was a break week in between my session and the next 101 class which allowed me to spend HOURS at Oaks Skate Rink and finally pull through on week 7. From there I had some amazing souls teach me more skating techniques and the game of roller derby in the Wreckers program. Throughout my time on Wreckers I kept my eye on the next step and pushed myself to get there; checking off MSR’s, earning new tape colors, and improving my derby smarts. By November 2014 I felt brave enough to try out for Fresh Meat and made it. I spent six months on Fresh Meat, again busting butt to constantly improve, and was adopted by the babes in blue (Heatless Heathers) in March of 2015. Through the 2016 home team season I dedicated myself to my next goal of becoming a main-rotation skater and by the end of the season I was there. I now have the honor of serving as one of the Heartless Heathers’ Captains for the 2017 season and I am so excited to represent and lead this group of fierce, smart, pretty, and strong women. Throughout the summer I have been training as a reserve for the Wheels of Justice and was just recently added to the team on August 10th. We are headed into the end of our season but I have had such an amazing experience learning from and laughing with a group of skaters that constantly blow me away with their dedication, innovation, and grit.


Favorite thing about playing for RCR? I have a lot of things I love about RCR, it’s my home, but I suppose I can narrow it down to a few. I love that we have a culture of constant growth and improvement that is based on a foundation of empowerment for everyone involved. Also, everyone in the league is a weirdo, which makes the smiles, fun, and laughter abundant in every facet of this community. I love that we have the space and resources for everyone to get what they need and want out of this sport- from the officials, to the juniors, to the wreckers, to the travel team, to the employees- everyone has a place that contributes to building this league.


Photo credit: Frank Lavelle

1 big goal for your travel team season? My big goal for TT season was to get on the team.. so yay! I made it! From here I want to perform at my best for AOA during our games, learn as much as I can in the last few weeks of the season, and give 100%, all the time, to challenge WOJ and help them prepare for champs.
Anything else you want to tell us? This sport is hard. And that’s okay. No matter your role in the league, you have major physical and mental challenges. And when you find something you are so passionate about, you feel a major heartbreak at every disappointment. But that’s what makes this sport and this league great- the passion it inspires, the dedication it demands, and the relationships it builds. Whenever I feel defeated I remind myself that this is a really hard thing that we do, and if I keep trying, I will get better, and there are people to support me. I’m so grateful for all of the people that have given their time and energy over the last three years to help me improve as an athlete and a teammate and I am overjoyed to be able to represent their dedication at the travel team level. NOW LET’S WIN THE HYDRA!! AGAIN!!!

09/12 – Events Circuit Training! – Learn new bout volunteer positions!


Want to help out at a bout, but not sure how to do certain tasks? Come learn how to do some of what it takes to make our bouts amazing! There will also be snacks!

Learn to:
Sound Tech
Lead Raffle or Sell Raffle Tickets
Lead Merch or Sell Merch
Run Photobooth
Run the Front Entrance
and more!

Come September 12, 2016, 6:30-8:30 pm at the Hangar!

RSVP here, so we have snacks that fit your needs and dietary restrictions!



WOJ v Denver – August 12 – Bout Summary

Did you miss the bouts last weekend? Check out what bout writer Black Irish Betty had to say about these amazing match ups!

What a weekend! Not only did the one and only Wheels of Justice host some amazing roller derby players from around the world for a training camp they like to call Derby Daze, but they also managed to play 2 bouts! Denver Mile High Club on Friday and the Alumnihilators (more on them later) on Saturday. Phew. I am tired just thinking about it.

Let’s get started with all the hard hitting action from Friday night!


Well, as you all know, it is summer, at least in this hemisphere, and summer means hot. Yes, even in Portland, we reach some 100 degree and higher days, and Friday was one of those days. I am not sure what weather in Denver is like, but no matter if they were used to it or not, it was hotter than I think anyone had wanted it to be. As the sun began to set, the whistles blew, and we were on our way!BZ4_3436-XL

This is only my second time seeing Wheels of Justice in a sanctioned bout…come to think of it, I think this is only my second sanctioned bout ever! Either way, I am thrilled. First up, we have number 77, Loren Mutch, rocking the purple hard for WOJ and number 20, Wilhelm, showing us how amazing a team can look in white, for Denver. Faster than I can look to my friends and comment about my excitement, Mutch takes lead jammer and snags 4 points before calling off the jam.

WOJ continues to take lead, small amounts of points being scored here and there, until the 7th jam, when Denver’s Gypin (22) rips that lead jammer status away, scoring 5 on Licker n Split (523) before calling off the jam. I am on the edge of my seat, watching this amazing tug of war for lead jammer when the 10th jam happens, and I about faint.

Scald Eagle (50) on the line for WOJ, taking on Curtis (93) for Denver. It starts like any other jam, whistle blows, Eagle grabs lead and the race is on. This jam seems never ending, with pass after pass being completed by the war painted maven. On about Eagle’s 4th pass, she looks towards the area I am sitting, I think really looking at the scoreboard more than any of us, but you see her mouth the word “YEAH!” and nod her head. In that moment, I felt like I was really part of the action more than I had ever been before.

Don’t get me wrong, all Rose City bouts are amazing. I love all the fans and skaters; I get to meet the coolest people, I am lucky enough to see some great derby throughout the year, and be part of a thriving derby community, but there was nothing quite like that moment. Not a something I will forget any time soon, that’s for sure. By the time that last whistle said the jam was over, Eagle had racked up an outstanding 29 points to Curtis’ 7. What a jam!

BZ4_3407-XLIn reviewing the notes I took to write this summary, seeing the points scored, the penalties accumulated, and leads won and lost; I get to relive how hard all these skaters work. I read a line and can see the jam play out in my head again. Jam 13 was one of those memorable ones. Up again are Loren Mutch for WOJ and Gypin for Denver; the whistle blows and before I know it, Mutch skates towards the penalty box with a track cut. Denver’s Gypin quickly takes lead but then receives her own track cut, and we are up for a full two minute jam. Points were hard won here, with 14 for WOJ and 8 for Denver in that two minute battle.

As the jams continue on, I am noticing something I have not seen a lot of in person, star stashing! Through the first half, Denver managed to stash that star and break through some heavy packs. I was blown away. Seriously, I had only seen this on YouTube! For those of you thinking “what is she talking about?”, a star stash is when a jammer removes their jammer cap or panty as they are called (you know, the one with the star on it so we know who they are) and sort of hides it away in their hand or jersey, making them look like any other player on the track. This also makes them an inactive jammer, so let’s say they make it through the pack with the star stashed before the other jammer does, they are not eligible for lead jammer because they are currently inactive. Only when the cap/panty is on, can you gain lead jammer status or score points for that matter. It is a fantastic little trick and I consider myself lucky to have seen a rad and very talented team put this in to play right before my eyes.


At half time, we have reached some awesome scores; 165 for WOJ and 83 for Denver. There were a total of 21 jams in that first half with WOJ taking lead on 14 of those. This spread might seem really far in a lot of other sports but in derby, this is nothing. The 15 minutes are up, we are back in our seats as the skaters take their positions on the track.

We begin the second half with Loren Mutch up for WOJ and Wilhelm up for Denver. Denver is starting down blockers due to penalties that were not fully served in the first half. Mutch quickly grabs lead and scores a quick 5 on her first pass. Denver looks to change it up and doesn’t stop with stashing the star but fully passes the star to their pivot, Barrett (number 28), who then becomes the jammer of record.

Star passing is an art in and of itself. The jammer can only pass the star to the pivot;the other one with a cap/panty but instead of a star, it has a stripe down the middle. To put in football terms, the jammer is like your running back, the pivot, like your quarterback; calling plays, making sure people are where they should be, and occasionally having to run the ball in themselves. The star pass is when just that happens; they take over, making themselves eligible to score points for their team by rocking that star instead of the stripe. (In case you are wondering, they just slip it on over the stripped one, no need to take the other one off in all this chaos)

Something happened in this second half, it was palatable. During an official time out after the 4th jam, my friends and I looked at each other and all agreed. Something shifted with Denver. Never did figure out what it was but those walls seemed tighter, their offense seemed more…something. Whatever it all was, it was a joy to watch.

In jam 8, things get a bit messy. We have Frisky Biscuits (1) on the jam line for WOJ and Gypin for Denver. Frisky takes the lead, Gypin stashes the star, and then in some sort of whistle ocean, I see three WOJ skaters moving towards the box! Frisky, Sarah Gaither (26) and Tarantula (401), in almost a perfect line, speed their way to the box, losing lead and in that moment, Denver puts the pedal to the metal and scores themselves a rockin’ 28 points to WOJ’s 8.

The next 5 jams feel like both teams have something to prove. They move quickly but in that quickness, gain a couple of track cuts on both sides. We arrive in jam 13 with Eagle who joins Gypin (who is quickly becoming my favorite Denver jammer) on the jam line. Eagle in all her apex jumping glory, manages two track cuts in that jam. An official review is called by WOJ for the second track cut, but the call stood and Eagle would start the next jam in the box, giving Denver’s Curtis the chance to snag lead and a quick 9 points in the 14th jam.
At this point, the clock is counting down; only time for a few more jams. Points are hard to come by for WOJ with jam 14, 15, and 16 being scoreless and Denver picking up 9, 5, and 4, respectively. The 18th jam becomes our last and it is the quickest start I have seen all night. Both teams rush through the pack with Licker n Split taking the lead and both teams showing us some of my favorite derby action; jammer on jammer. Yes sir, I love it when a jammer takes the time to use their offensive/defensive skills on the other jammer as they round corners at top speeds. There is just nothing like it in the game. They aren’t lost in a pack, fighting their way through a sea of teammates and foes, it is just the two of them…making their way, trying to take each other out. It is glorious.

With that final jam call of, we end an amazing night of derby with WOJ scoring a total of 270 points and Denver 191.


Not so fast! We can’t forget to talk about our MVPs for the night! Wheels of Justice huddled up and gave us MVP blocker for Denver, number 3, Anghel and MVP jammer, number 33, Klein. Denver turned around with their MVP picks for blocker, number 8, Brawn Swanson and MVP jammer, number 50, you can’t ever forget her moves, Scald Eagle.

I feel so lucky. Getting to see a visiting team, all the time and effort they put in to be here, to give their all, was a truly beautiful thing. Thank you for a wonderful night, Denver. You are amazing.

Black Irish Betty transferred to Rose City in the winter of 2016 after having skated with the Lady Hawks in Hillsboro, OR. She is stoked to be a member of Rose City Rollers and the recreation team, the Wreckers!

All photos: Regularman

Near And Gear To Us with Jamafist of the Heartless Heathers


This week, we are talking to Jamafist of the Heartless Heathers!


Baby Fist. Check out those splits!

Jamafist has been skating since she was 3 years old, basically growing up across the parking lot from the Rose City Rollers Hangar at the Oaks Park rink. She spent her teen years Jam Skating and then came to Rose City in November of 2014. Jamafist loves talking about skating and loves talking about her skates. Let’s take a peak at what gear she uses, shall we?


BootsCustom Reidell 951

PlatesRoll Line Mistral

WheelsRadar Bullet 93

Safety gearS1 Helmet and various other mixed pads


What do you love about your gear?

I love my 95120160710_130843‘s, I’ve skated on the same boot style since I was 16 with Jam skating and love playing derby in them. They fit my wide foot like a sneaker and allow me to show myself with the customizations!

I also changed to my plates after my knee surgery and wouldn’t go back. Love them!!!

Don’t miss Jamafist skating with the Heartless Heathers next season, she will be the one blowing her opponents off the track!













Who are the Alumnihilators?

This weekend is going to be epic. Not only is it Derby Daze weekend, which means that our beloved All-Star team is going to be coaching up-and-coming derby stars, but also we have two bouts!! We haven’t seen action in the Hangar since June (thank you July for being our off month, we needed it). And what do we have in store for us this weekend?

We all know thWOJ logoat Wheels of Justice are taking on Denver’s Mile High Club. This bout is the last chance that WOJ has to position themselves on top before heading to playoffs and setting forth on the road to champs. That’s Friday. You are going to want to be there.

And Saturday?

Do we have a treat for you! On Saturday, August 13th, our rising stars, Axles of Annihilation, are taking on, drum roll please… The Alumnihilators!!!

Yes, you heard that right. The Alumnihilators are a handcrafted team of Wheels of Justice alum. All of these skaters have had the opportunity to wear purple during their illustrious derby careers. Some of them still skate for various Rose City home teams. And some of them are retired and are dusting off their skates to get back on the track for this exciting bout!

See you this weekend and dont forget to get your tickets for Friday and Saturday nights bouts!


Want to play a Rose City Rollers team in 2017?



Are you interested in playing a Rose City Rollers team in 2017? Are you a decision maker for your league about where and when you play? We are putting together our calendar for 2017 and want you to come play in Portland. Who we play is based on rankings, so please make sure you fill out the survey accordingly.

Take me to the survey!

Hope to see you next year!

Questions? email

Near And Gear To Us with Boombox of Rose City Rollers Draft Pool / Fresh Meat

Here we are again folks! Time to talk about our gear. And specifically, the gear of the one and only Boombox!

Boombox originally came to the Rose City Rollers Wreckers and Fresh Meat programs in 2010. She took some time off and skated with nearby Storm City for a couple of years, but missed RCR so much that she transferred back in the fall of 2015. We are so excited to have Boombox skating here in Rose City and stoked that she wanted to talk to us about her gear!

What gear do you use?20160630_180114-1

Boots: Bont Hybrid

Plates: Sure Grip Avenger

Wheels: Radar Presto 93s

Safety Gear: S1 Lifer Helmet, 187 Killer Pads

What do you love about your gear?

I had been skating in the same boot-plate setup for a few years before getting these Bonts. I had all kinds of horrible plantar fascia problems but thought it was because I was skating so much. I had to massively tape my arches before skating and my feet still hurt on and off the track. Since getting my Bonts, my feet no longer kill me while skating and I’ve not had to tape my feet once.

Anything else you want to share?

I love my Bonts! Wanna sponsor me?

Catch Boombox at The Rose City Rollers Fresh Meat bout on October 9th!

(Carousel image: Skippy Steve)

Wheels of Justice Spotlight: Suzie Crotchrot

As we get closer to Derby Daze and the Denver bout weekend, our Wheels skaters are getting more and more excited to play and get to know all of you. This week, we sat down with Suzie Crotchrot to get a look at who she is behind the skates.



Photo: Regularman Photography

What’s your name? Suzie Crotchrot

What is your position? Blocker

Where did your derby name come from? “Suzie Crotchrot” came from a book I was reading before I decided to play roller derby.  Someone in the story insulted another person’s girlfriend by calling her a “Susie Crotchrot”.  I never heard the term before and was immediately tickled by it.  At that time in my life, I was in an awkward stage entering my 20s and had a lot of people trying to tell me how “grown-up” women should look and act.  Seeing that name in text was like a big middle finger to all of the Susy Homemaker ideals that always seemed to be presented to me as an inevitable outcome.

What do you do for work? I am a person of many hustles, my main gig is currently at a costume shop where I outfit the masses for upcoming festivals and performances.  I also work on set design and styling for film and photography.

When did you start skating? I began skating in 2007. I was there for fish nets.  I was there for knee starts.  I was there for “poodling”.  I was there when we skated fast.  I was there when we skated slow.  I was there when nobody gave a crap about your toe stops.  I’ve been skating long enough to see plays from the past come back in style, only now our basic skills are better and make these past plays much more effective.

How did you first learn about derby? When I was a kid, my cousins and I would flip through Saturday morning television and I would occasionally catch some old roller derby clips from the 80s. I thought it was great and wanted to do it, but I was 9.  It was the 90s.  Things like that just weren’t around.  Fast forward to the later 00’s, some gals from a salon near where I was working were forming a new league from one that was dissolving.  I finished school and was able to commit the time to playing so I was all in immediately.  I haven’t stopped since.

Where did you transfer from? I transferred to RCR from The Chicago Outfit in early 2015.

Did you play sports before derby? I played ZERO sports before derby.  Wait, I’m lying.  I played 1 summer session on a softball team that my mother made me join.  I hated every second of it.  I think the only part I enjoyed about it was swinging a bat.

What do you love about derby? I truly love just being able to crash carcasses with all of these amazing humans.  I have no idea what most people do outside of their roller derby lives.  I don’t really care.  I admire that we’re all on the track making sacrifices in our personal lives to be here.

gemsofgrace2How do you balance life and being on TT? Delicately.

Why did you move to Portland? I am midwest born and raised.  I wanted to see what living in a different part of the USA was like.  Portland was an obvious choice because of the fantastic roller derby.

What is your favorite thing about Portland? Nature.  I couldn’t believe how vibrant the vegetation was when I got here.  I’m sure folks that have been here for a while don’t think twice about it, but it’s so lush, that moss is just constantly growing out of the concrete everywhere.  I grew up around steel mills and factories, so seeing all of this plant life and waking up to a view of a mountain in the distance is still very surreal for me.

What else do you love to do outside of derby? You can find me digging through the Goodwill bins to find materials to upcycle, resell, or keep for my own collection. Even on days you come out with nothing, it is still good people watching.  I also enjoy collaborating on artwork and concepts for future installations with my partner.

Who was the object of your most embarrassing teenage celebrity obsession? Silkk the Shocker.  Remember Master P?  Remember No Limit Records?  Yea.  Special shoutout to all the models in Lowrider magazine too.

Any advice for new skaters? Drink water and take nothing personal.

Best advice you have ever gotten? Drink water. Drink lots of water.  Like 8 times what you already drink, which is probably not a lot anyway.

Check out Suzie Crotchrot skating with the Rose City Rollers All-Stars August 12th and 13th at the Hangar!



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