Rose City Rollers is in the Give!Guide!



We got into the Give!Guide and we are so excited!

What is the Give!Guide? you might ask.

The Give!Guide is an awesome program run by our local Willamette Week newspaper. It is a website and print guide to a number of local nonprofits, encouraging philanthropic giving amongst a younger generation. The site makes it easy to learn about and support local organizations.

We are thrilled to be a part of this program, giving us the chance to spread the derby gospel as well as raise needed funds for our programs.

Mark your calendars for November 1 to donate and help us promote the Give!Guide!


Mango Tango doughnut supports the Rob Lobster Memorial Scholarship

Show your support for the memory of Rob Lobster as well as the Rob Lobster Memorial Scholarship Fund by heading out to Voodoo Doughnuts today and picking up a delicious Mango Tango doughnut. Proceeds from the sales of the tasty treat throughout the month of October are being donated to the fund. The scholarship fund supports adult skaters by paying dues and WFTDA insurance each year. By purchasing one of these doughnuts you are celebrating the life of Lobster as well as ensuring that these women get to skate!


Near and Gear To Us with Lioness of the Rose City Wreckers

Lioness joined the Rose City Wreckers in January 2014, after rediscovering her love of skating through her daughters, members of the Rose City Rollers Rose Petals. She was just shy of MSR clearance when she broke her knee the following December. To stay involved in the program while healing, she took up coaching the Green Level Wreckers team that spring. After two knee surgeries, Lioness finally got her wheels solidly back under her in April of this year and is very close to passing all of those MSRs! And to honor how hard she has been working, she was voted Most Improved by the Wheels of Justice at Derby Daze boot camp this past summer.

Curious what gear Lioness uses? Let’s find out!


Boots – Riedell 26520160830_180545

Plates – Powerdyne Rival

Wheels Radar Diamond 94a on Moto Premium Swiss Bearings

Safety gear – S1 Lifer helmet, TSG Force III+ kneepads with Scabs gaskets, Killer 187 elbow pads, Pro-Designed PD custom wrist guards

What do you love about your gear?

I’m a derby toddler, so some of my gear is still part of my starter set-up. But the two things I really love are my Diamond wheels and my custom wrist guards from Pro-Designed.

I wrestled with finding the right wheels for a while. It seemed a lot of people were very happy with their Prestos, and I got a good deal on a used set, but I could never get comfortable on them! An OG skater who knows my body and my style suggested the Diamonds, and it was a revelation. They are taller and narrower than most derby wheels – when I want to find my edges, they’re RIGHT THERE. Plow stopping is like a whisper. And the 94a hardness gives me just the right amount of slide. I splurged on fancy bearings, too.

20160830_180356I confess I didn’t put a lot of thought into wrist guards until I broke my wrist at practice last January. At that time I was wearing wrist guards that I’d picked because they were lightweight. Coming back from that injury, I knew I wouldn’t feel safe unless I had the sturdiest possible gear on my wrists. I had seen many recommendations for the Pro-Designed, and when I found out they did custom sizing, I was utterly sold. The company worked with me to make sure I was getting exactly what I wanted. The fabric is sturdy and the hard shells distribute the weight of my falls in such a way that I barely feel them. It’s been a great investment.

GNR Hosts Drive For Gateway Center At October Bout

Giving back to the Portland community has always been a priority of the Rose City Rollers. Over the years, we have supported multiple organizations that help specifically women and girls. This coming month, we are partnering with the Gateway Center to help support the lives of women and girls who have experienced domestic violence. Please join Guns N Rollers in this effort by bringing donations of helpful items to their bout on October 7th.

More about the Gateway Center:
The Gateway Center strives to prevent and reduce the impact of intimate partner violence and its subsequent trauma by providing comprehensive, survivor-centered advocacy and services within a welcoming and culturally sensitive environment. We prioritize survivors’ safety, promote survivors’ rights and support survivors’ desires to be free from violence and abuse. Click here to learn more about the resources we provide.
Items accepted for donation:
  • Diapers, Wipes, Tampons, Pads
  • Personal hygiene items (shampoo, soap, toothbrush, razors, etc.)
  • Toiletries
  • Cell phones – can be old, but must have working battery pack
  • MP3 players

If you have any questions regarding any donations, call Diana at 503.988.6400 or email at


All you wanted to know about volunteering at WFTDA Champs!

Official Volunteer Information about WFTDA Champs!

Short Version:
1. Fill out this application
2. Tell Hell Vetica (HV) your preferred schedule (in the application)
3. Get confirmation from Hellvetica
4. Stay tuned for any additional details as we near the event

More Info Version:

First – ALL people interested in volunteering need to fill out this application. If you are an RCR member, it will look familiar. It also includes a couple of things we need specific to Champs as well as your schedule preferences.

Second – You are not scheduling yourself per se. You are telling HV what you’d like to do most. Please include in the application how many shifts/day you want. Do not feel like you need to do every shift every day – that’s unsustainable. We need about 300 people per day, there are about 1000 of us total. We can do this.

Once HV gets your preferences, she will start confirming schedules. You can check your schedule here (after you’ve applied and entered a password). Some tasks might show up on the list that aren’t open to just anyone. HV will let you know if there’s a reason you can’t sign up for a specific job.

The descriptions for each job are linked in the application. HV currently doesn’t have any more information than is listed there, but you’re still welcome to ask and she can find out more.

Questions HV has had so far:
Do volunteers get free admission?
Schedule yourself and volunteer for 14 or more hrs over the course of the weekend (Thurs-Sunday) and you will get in free for one day of your choice. You can choose to have it be the same day you volunteer (or one of the days you volunteer) or you can choose a day you’re not volunteering at all. I’ll communicate who is eligible and get your choices from you in Mid-October.
Failure to show up for a shift that follows your free entry day will result in something terrible. Publish shaming, fist shaking, etc. Don’t be a jerk. We’re trusting everyone to not suck.

Do I have to pay for parking at the Coliseum?
Good chances, yes. We are working it out with WFTDA, but this is their tournament, so its their choice. Some jobs will likely end up with passes, but right now, I have no guarantees. If the job you’re interested in doesn’t entail driving, I’d recommend taking transit.

Will there be volunteer food?
Right now it looks like Chipotle is donating food, so yes, there will be food for volunteers. People with a lot of eating restrictions may want to pack something for themselves, and if you’re a person that feeds like a hummingbird and eats every hour, packing additional food would also be smart.

Can minors volunteer?
Yes, but some jobs will not work well for kids. Older teens can do most anything, really young kids will be more limited, but we’ll find something. You can always contact me with questions.

What else are you wondering? Email and HV will answer your questions. Check back here for answers to more questions as well!

TT Spotlight: Eloise Bacher

We couldn’t be more excited that our own Wheels of Justice took home the first place prize at Columbia D1 Playoffs last weekend. We are entering Champs in a fantastic position, with home court advantage and a top notch seed. Until then, let’s continue to get to know some of those new Travel Team players, shall we? You know her as Bad Wolf from the High Rollers (and this year a captain!), here is Eloise Bacher!

Name: Eloise Bacher

Number: 299

Home team: High RollersWoJ2016 - Wolf

When did you start derby? May 2012

Did you start here at Rose City? Yes, I joined the Wreckers program. This was before 101, so you would just show up to the next practice after your orientation and dive in. The first thing we did at my first practice was the 50 lap killer. It was hard, but I finished! I went on to make Fresh Meat in February 2013 and got drafted to the High Rollers in December.

What is your favorite thing about playing for RCR? Getting to learn from and skate with and against incredible skaters.

One big goal for your travel team season? For myself, to work hard and continue to improve my jamming. For my team, the HYDRA.
Anything else you want to tell us? It’s really important to give your body the tools it needs to be successful at derby. Eat, sleep, and cross train!


Carousel image: Regularman

Headshot: Keary Ortiz

TT Spotlight: Quigley

We are getting ready for a big weekend here at Rose City Rollers! With the Betties and Juniors playing at home and Wheels of Justice duking it out for top seed over in Columbia SC at WFTDA D1 Playoffs, we couldn’t be more excited. But before the madness begins, let’s take a moment to chat with another newer Wheels Skater, Ariel Quigley.

WoJ2016 - Quigs

Name – Ariel Quigley aka Quigs

Day job  – Veterinary Technician

Position played – Blocker/pivot and after party twerk team captain extraordinaire.

You don’t use a derby name, did you ever?  I haven’t skated under a derby name in a long time but way back when I was, Crash Dance. Like Flashdance. The movie. I have a “She’s a maniac” tattoo to commemorate these roots.

How long have you been skating? I have been skating since 2007. I had my 9 year derbyversary this past February and am currently skating in my 10th season.

How did you discover derby? I watched the the reality show about Texas in 2006. I was about to graduate from college at the time and knew that my competitive softball career was nearing an end. I watched one episode of that show and knew instantly that derby would be my next sport. I went to a Denver Roller Derby (formerly Denver Roller Dolls) bout in December 2006 and joined the league in February 2007.

Did you play sports before derby? Yep. I mainly played soccer and softball growing up. Softball became my primary sport and I played through college. I was also a dancer. My mom owned a dance studio, so I started dancing at age 3. I took classes and performed through high school.

Fun fact: I had dreams of becoming a hockey player at age 5 or 6. I had hockey skates and a stick and practiced with my dad. When it came time to join a team my only option was to play with the boys. I was shy and declined because I didn’t want to be the only girl. That sounds like a not-so-fun-fact now that I write it down, but it allowed me to have some sort of skating background, which proved to be really valuable when I started playing derby. I continued to ice skate and rollerblade for fun too.

What do you love about the sport? I love the physicality and athleticism. I never played a contact sport before derby, and it’s simply amazing what we can do with our bodies. I also really love how dynamic the sport can be – high speed, powerful walls, crazy edge work, stopping on a dime… I could go on and on. I’m just glad I get to play such a unique and challenging sport.


Photo credit: Frank Lavelle

How do you balance life and being on TT? – My husband (Scott “Scott Free” Paul) and I both coach and play derby, so it’s a big part of our lives. In fact, we met through derby. I don’t really see a life/derby balance that needs to be achieved, but rather choosing to do derby as part of life.

What derby/skating skill did you or do you struggle with the most? I actually had a hard time t-stopping when I first started. For whatever reason, it just didn’t make sense to me. I finally learned in 2009 when I decided it was silly I couldn’t execute a basic stop.

Why did you move to Portland? Simply put: I came on a lot of derby trips here, made some friends here, really liked the city, and decided it was time for a change.

The T: My husband may have planted the seed a few years back and kept pestering me to move here until I agreed it was a good idea.

Favorite thing to do outside derby? Hang out with my ridiculous dogs (check out #lexandkima on Instagram). I also enjoy shaking my ass and eating pizza.

Who was the object of your most embarrassing teenage celebrity obsession? I don’t consider this embarrassing, but I was WAY into the Spice Girls in high school. I went to their concert and dressed up as Scary Spice for Halloween.

Things you want to accomplish in 2016?

1. Sell house in Denver, move to Portland, buy house in Portland. Check.
2. Fail miserably at retiring from roller derby and skate for Rose City. Check.
3. Win the Hydra!

Advice for any new skaters out there? Focus on skating skills! Having proper form and being really good at roller skating is the best foundation for derby. I feel like a lot of people want to learn derby and strategy right away, but it’s hard to execute those things if your skating skills are lacking.

Tune in to this weekend to catch Quigs skating with Wheels of Justice!!

Near and Gear To Us with Tiggz of the High Rollers!

This week, we are talking to Tiggz of the High Rollers!

Tiggz comes to Rose City Rollers after years of skating in and around her hometown of Los Angeles. She skated with Angel City Derby Girls, Ventura County Derby Darlins, and SFV Roller Derby, where she was a founding member. Tiggz transferred to Rose City in March of 2015 and currently skates with the High Rollers. She is also the Transfer Coordinator for the league, helping guide other transferring skaters through the process of becoming part of such a huge league.

Tiggz has many years of derby under her belt. Let’s see what gear make the grade for her.


Photo credit: Regularman


Boots – Riedell Blue Streaks

Plates – Powerdyne Reactor Neo

Wheels Rollerbones Turbo 94a

Safety gear -I’m a hockey gear gal; I wear CCM Tacks shin guards and a Bauer helmet with a visor. My elbow pads are 187 and my wrist guards are ProDesigned.

What do you love about your gear?

I am in love with my CCM Tacks shin guards! When I fall on them, the impact is disbursed which helps my knees take much less of a beating. I also can’t recommend ProDesigned wrist guards enough. They come with a bit of a price tag, but in 6.5 years of derby, I’ve only had three pairs and the protection is unbeatable. Their sizing is also small enough to accommodate my child-sized hands.


Check out Tiggz skating with the High Rollers in the 2017 Rose City Rollers Home Team Season!

WFTDA International Championship Tickets are on sale!!



Watch the top teams in the world compete for women’s flat track roller derby’s highest honor in the 2016 International WFTDA Championships in Portland, Oregon, USA. Visit WFTDA’s ticket tournament page for all the tournament information you need, whether you plan to attend in person or watch live on

Some details:

$75 GA – pick a seat anywhere in the room, including very limited floor seating (like on your butt on concrete)
$125 VIP – the first ten rows on the straight aways and you get assigned seating, so no having to fight for a seat for the big games!

Sections 12-16 are jam line side

09/09-11: 2016 WFTDA International Playoffs Viewing Parties!

playoffs image


Please join us for the 2016 International Women’s Flat Track Derby Association Playoffs, streamed live from Columbia, SC! Our Wheels of Justice, Portland’s all-stars, will be traveling there to compete for a spot in the Championships hosted in PDX this Nov. This weekend’s event is hosted by the Columbia QuadSquad.


The first viewing party of the weekend will be taking place Friday, September 9th at 5pm (Portland time) at the Hangar at Oaks Amusement Park (7805 SE Oaks Park Way). WOJ will be competing against the winner of Columbia QuadSquad vs. Ann Arbor Derby Dimes.

*Doors open at 4:30pm, event starts at 5pm.*

If WOJ is victorious at this bout, then VIEWING PARTY #2 will be occurring Saturday at 11am at the Hangar. They will compete against the winner of Game #5.

VIEWING PARTY #3 on Sunday will be occurring at a different location than the Hangar due to event conflicts.

For additional details throughout the weekend, stay tuned here and our Facebook page. More information about the bracket and tournament, go to:

Please bring your own snacks and beverages (NO ALCOHOL) to enjoy. Also, bring your own seating if you want to sit closer to the projection screen and are not interested in the bleachers. We will be setting up and sitting right on the track!

This event is FREE and all ages.