When Can I Try Out/Join Your League?

We have options for women at all skating levels who are interested in derby, and our programs offer tryouts and orientations multiple times per year.

Fresh Meat

Tryouts for our competitive derby training program (Fresh Meat) are held periodically throughout the year (typically 2-4 times/year). Be sure to subscribe to our newsletter for the latest announcements and information about tryouts.

Skaters transferring from other roller derby leagues should contact us about their options, and are welcome to take part in tryouts.

2015 Fresh Meat Tryouts:

  • Friday, March 20th, 8-10pm
  • additional dates TBA


  • Doors open 30 minutes before tryouts begin.
  • Arrive early to get paperwork filled out, geared up, warmed up, & ready to begin on time.
  • Tryouts are closed to (non-skating) visitors.


Not interested in the rough-and-tumble, demanding life of a competitive rollergirl but still wanna skate and have a good time? Women 18+ are invited to join Wreckers, our recreational roller derby team.

Wreckers are accepting new skaters at any level at orientations held throughout the year! The Wreckers program is open to women 18 and up. Our Wreckers program has multiple levels for new and veteran skaters, including a Derby 101 class for those new on skates and to derby, and a scrimmage for assessed, skilled skaters. You can learn more about Wreckers and join us for our next orientation.


Sign up for Rosebuds, our junior roller derby league, are held periodically throughout the year, and are open to young women aged 13-17. Be sure to subscribe to our newsletter for the latest announcements and information about tryouts. You can also learn more about Rosebuds on their team page.

Look for July 12th sign up information here soon.

The Tryouts Experience

Planning to try out for Fresh Meat or Rosebuds? Want to know more about what’s expected from a dedicated league skater? Get answers about the skills, gear, requirements, and more on our Tryouts FAQ.

Thank you for your interest in skating with the Rose City Rollers, and good luck. We look forward to meeting you. Remember ladies: good potential, along with a great attitude, will take you a long way!