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Flying over a rickety floor is no fun. And roller derby is dangerous enough without having to worry about the track reaching up and biting you. Rose City Rollers need your help to get a new track for the 2011 season. Your contribution will keep the action and our skaters on the track and out of the sick bay! Our goal is $30,000.00. We can do it--with just a little help from all of our fans.

When you contribute $20 or more to the Rose City Rollers FLOOR IT! campaign, you will get your name on the giant poster of the below image that will be hung at bouts and your name will appear on our donor list. Select the tile(s) you wish to purchase from the grid below by following the Buy Tiles link.

Hover over any image below to see details about the donor who claimed those tiles. Turn On Magnifier
Buy the Home Team Bench! Contact Rocket MeanBuy the Visiting Team Bench! Contact Rocket MeanBuy the Penalty Box! Contact Rocket MeanPBR Jam Start LineDancing ScottDancing ScottDenise Snider - Punchkin's MomDr. Snark N. SteinCarpe Demon & Susan B. AnarchyMatt Bird GetupandgoGo HRMF, Wreck's mombettiespoetMac the Knife and Mama ZKnock'em Dead RedAmber CastaldoTempest FugitGeorgeBee Thinking Top Bar Hives and Warre HivesThe morale will continue until the beatings improveGo Bettie Go!The Durkee GangKirsten (VIP/Rockstar Goddess)Owned by a Rose City RollerKatiThat's not my beerPendingKirsten (VIP/Rockstar Goddess)Home of the Derby NerdsAprilla Tella VillaHPVHeeeeeeeeeeathersWolf BlitzherTA for RCRShiva NataJenT + AMOM N DAD HUGNKILLLaura RobinsonLola FallOnyaBest Friends TravelJen Kingmark dykstraApolo NO-NOwww.badmojophoto.com

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Quickie Disclaimer: This is a virtual purchase/donation. You will not receive a physical item (floor tile or otherwise) or service for your purchase. No skating surface items will be marked or otherwise denote ownership. Your contribution to this campaign will only be recognized on this website and a sponsor banner listing all donors to be hung at RCR bouts & events.