All upcoming 2016 Rose City Rollers Home games with date and team information. For details on locations, click here. Season pass holders gain access to all the year’s events.


02.26 Break Neck Betties vs. High Rollers
02.27 Guns N Rollers vs. Heartless Heathers
02.28 Rosebuds Season Championships (double header)

03.11 High Rollers vs. Eugene’s Emerald City Roller Girls All Stars
03.12 Break Neck Betties vs. Guns N Rollers
03.13 Rosebuds All-Stars: Purple vs. White

03.25 Wheels of Justice All-Stars: Purple vs. White
03.26 Heartless Heathers vs. High Rollers

04.08 Wreckers vs. Clark County’s Storm City Roller Girls All-Stars
04.09 Guns N Rollers vs. High Rollers
04.10 Rose Petals All-Stars vs. Seattle Derby Brats – Inter Stellas & Rosebuds All-Stars vs. I-5 Rollergirls

04.20 Break Neck Betties vs. Heartless Heathers – *Limited Access Wednesday Bout

05.06 Guns N Rollers vs. Heartless Heathers
05.07 Break Neck Betties vs. High Rollers

05.20-22 Hometown Throwdown (3 day event), including LA’s Angel City Derby Girls – Hollywood Scarlets & Rocket Queens, Seattle’s Rat City Rollergirls – All-Stars & Rain of Terror, and Portland’s own Wheels of Justice & Axles of Annihilation

06.04 Season 11 Championships (double header)

06.24 Wreckers vs. Southern OR’s Sis-Q Rollerz
06.25 Wheels of Justice All-Star Travel Team vs. Bridgetown Roller Derby – Bridgetown Menace

08.12-14 Derby Daze – Wheels of Justice skater bootcamp
08.12 Wheels of Justice All-Star Travel Team vs. Denver Roller Derby – Mile High Club
08.13 Axles of Annihilation vs. TBA

09.09 Break Neck Betties vs. Eastern Contra Costa County’s Undead Bettys
09.10 Rosebuds Home Team Season Opener (double header)
09.11 Rose Petals (Daughters of Doom vs. Voodoo Dolls)

10.07 Guns N Rollers vs. Laguna Hills, CA’s South Coast Roller Derby – The Lagunatics
10.08 Wreckers vs. TBA
10.09 Fresh Meat vs. TBA

12.02 Heartless Heathers vs. Bend’s Lava City Roller Dolls – Smokin’ Ashes
12.03 Perhaps something new, perhaps something special. Just wait and see!
12.04 Rosebuds home games (double header)

*Limited Access Wednesday bouts are open only to Donors, Sponsors and Season Pass Holders.

Schedule may be subject to change. Check the Calendar for full details and ticket links when available.

All bouts take place at the Hangar at Oaks Amusement Park, unless otherwise noted.