Chevy ShoveHell #0619

Photo by Ryan Sage

Year you started skating: Four years and 9 months.

Year you joined RCR/got drafted:  Joined RCR in Dec/Jan 2015, drafted to the Betties in March 2015.

Awards/Accomplishments: Best at cooking Bacon 2013-2017, Waking Up Since 1987, Bought Our First Home in 2016, Still Laughing at Life, Not Being a Jerk Since 1987, Bought Our First Brand New Car 2017.

Real life job: Freelance seamstress and artist. M-F for 40hrs a week I also dabble in a “job” doing large scale digital printing.

Other hobbies: Making the world a better place as passively as possible. Hanging out with my best friend Chad, and our puppers and meow. Trying to pretend the world falling apart at all times doesn’t effect my well being. Enjoying foods I shouldn’t eat if I want to be considered an “athlete”, then remembering I don’t care I am a fatlete. Hugs, lots or hugs. High fives are pretty awesome too.

Fun Fact: Pablo Escobar’s hippos. Look it up. Promise you will not be disappointed.