BLOG: Road to Champs

Ch Ch Ch Changes….the 2013 RCR home season

RCR fans have seen some awesome developments during the 2013 home season, and those changes started right from the season opener. That freezing night in January fans got to see how the new “no minors” and “1 whistle start” rules would affect game play, and were entertained by the newly formed Purple Reign pep squad. Fans were also treated to a huge win for the High Rollers over 2012 champs Break Neck Betties with a final score of HR 214, BB 156. In addition to the High Rollers’ win, Guns N Rollers also started a record season off with a win over the Heartless Heathers 186-148.

gnr hug

Photo credit: FunFrank

GNR’s season rolled on with 2 more wins over the Betties and the High Rollers. GNR players also took the top spots on RCR’s list of most jams and most points scored during the season (See the rest of the list HERE). GNR’s fan Lisa! Describes a favorite moment from the season on the RCR forum, “My favorite moment (sorry Betties, I love you too) was when GNR vs. Bettie’s bout. GNR was like 80 points down at the half and came back squeaking by with the win by 3? I had several heart attacks and no voice the next day. That’s some 1st class derby, and an inspiration to never lose faith.” And, of course there are the hard hits served up by Scald Eagle during the season that are all over YouTube. Those are the things that keep GNR fans rocking the devil horns and coming back for more. For the first time, GNR is the top-seeded home team, and fans can’t wait to see how the team does at Champs.

star push

Photo credit: FunFrank

Another major change this season involved the Break Neck Betties: RCR’s 3 time champions, the Betties, had a difficult season, but through it all, their fans were dying hard. The following quote came off the forum, from fan Bettiespoet, “As a general observation, I was really concerned at the start of the season with the amount of turnover the Betties experienced, particularly with the loss of Soulfearic Acid. I’ve been bolstered and encouraged by the spirit and sizzle my team has continued to bring to their bouts, due to many factors including the rise of Mayhem, the return of Licker and Chestnutz, the continued ‘in your face’ of Scrappy, the formidable Sixpack… I could go on and on and on… In a nutshell, the Betties still bring it!” The Betties fought hard all season and gave fans some great derby action with Scrappy Go Lucky and Ripley taking the #2 and #3 spots of most penalties for the season.

In addition to the game action, Purple Reign came out to make the fan experience even better. Purple Reign hands out specially written cheers for each team at bouts and leads fans in screaming cheers for their team. The ladies of the pep squad also get fans involved in impromptu dance parties. (Of course Napoleon Blownapart can always be counted on for this too!)

All in all, the 2013 season has been a wild ride that will conclude on June 8 at the Rose Garden. We will find out who gets the #1 spot (GNR or High Rollers) as the Heartless Heathers and Break Neck Betties battle for #3. Get tickets HERE

Written by Kelley Gravelle

Kelley is a Wrecker and derby super fan. When she isn’t showing her warface for the Break Neck Betties, she is raising two teenagers to follow the derby community’s “don’t be a douchebag” rule in life.

Recap: May Bout Weekend

5/17: Wheels of Justice vs. Victorian Roller Derby All-Stars

This awesome weekend of derby began with Wheels of Justice hosting the Victorian Roller Derby League’s All-Stars.  Right off the bat, can we give the Aussies their props?  Derby is tough on its own, but suddenly playing right-side up after training upside-down must be a true challenge.  Round of applause, Aussies.


Photo credit: The Interwebs

This trans-Pacific bout opened with WOJ’s Scald Eagle (#50) earning lead jammer — establishing the lead that Rose City would build on, double-digit jam after double-digit jam, all evening.  (I hate to say it, but it got a bit boring there near the end.) VRDL struggled with jammer penalties (10 to WOJ’s 4), which cost them scoring opportunities. WOJ played excellent defense all bout long, keeping the Aussies’ jammers Mad Mel Arena (#505) and Swish Cariboom (#138) to 55 and 30 points respectively. Wheels’ Mutch Mayhem (#77) and Scald Eagle both had triple-digit scores which, combined with Licker N Split’s (#523) 43 points, brought the bout home with a tally of 305-124. Congrats, Wheels of Justice, on the stellar victory.

Photo credit: FunFrank

Photo credit: FunFrank

5/18: High Rollers vs Guns N Rollers

The awesomeness continued Saturday night with the undefeated High Rollers facing off against the also-undefeated Guns N Rollers.

Photo credit: Jenna Routenberg ZombiElvis asserting that brains are number one.

Photo credit: Jenna Routenberg
ZombiElvis asserting that brains are number one.

“But surely it couldn’t have been as awesome as you say, Blogger Person.”  Oh, it was, Imaginary Skeptical Reader.  Proof: The national anthem was performed by Slash and Elvis, who is either A) Not really dead, B) A zombie, or C) Back from his home planet for a quick visit and decided to have some fun.  I vote zombie.

In an interesting twist, these two teams are set to battle it out for first place in this season’s Championships at the Rose Garden.  (Yeah, the big one.  Do you have your ticket?  Of course you do!  If — and I feel ridiculous even mentioning the possibility — you don’t, you can buy them here. It’s gonna be a badass day of derby.)  If this is a preview of Champs, though, the High Rollers have some work to do.  I expected two undefeated teams to make for a more evenly matched bout, but GNR dominated.

The bout was fairly even until the 14th jam, when Yoga Nabi Sari (#808) scored 14 points, followed by Scald Eagle’s (#50) 30-pointer.  It was downhill from there.  With the exception of Napoleon Blownapart’s (#1234) 22-point jam late in the second half, GNR’s defense kept HR’s jammers to single-digit jams for the remainder of the bout.  Final score: 224-100, GNR.

Photo credit: FunFrank. Napoleon Blownapart (#1234) totally got this.

Photo credit: FunFrank.
Napoleon Blownapart’s (#1234) totally got this.

Fun fact: I saw two refs get knocked down by skaters during this bout. As any fan of good physical comedy would tell you, it was pretty great.

Written by Jenna Routenberg

Jenna’s favorite things include bookshelf porn, cult TV shows, and the Aston-Martin DB9.  Least-favorite things include the use of “defiantly” when the speaker means “definitely,” bananas, and writing pithy About Me snippets.

Weekend Preview: May 17 – 19

It’s a jam-packed weekend at the Hanger. On Friday, WOJ takes on its first international opponent of the season. Then, Saturday features an open scrimmage and the last inter-league bout before Championships. On Sunday, a fun day at the fair rounds out the weekend.

Photo by FunFrank

Photo by FunFrank

WOJ vs. VRDL All Stars

Friday, May 17 @ 7PM

Get to the Hanger early with your mates and stake out a good pozzy because this is going to be corker of a bout!
No, the skaters won’t be going in the reverse direction but the announcers will most likely be doing some bloody awful Aussie accents as Wheels of Justice take on the top team from Australia, Victorian Roller Derby League All Stars.
This bout is sold out. However, you can join the fans from Melbourne who will be watching the bout live the next day (freaky, eh) hereon our website.

Open Scrimmage

Saturday, May 18, 11 AM – 2PM

Want to play with and against the ladies of RCR? Bring a black or white jersey and jump into the action. First hour is co-ed so the fellas can have their fun too.
Only $5 to play or watch.
Visit the Facebook event page for more information.

Photo by Masonite Burn

Photo by Masonite Burn

High Rollers vs. Guns ‘N’ Rollers

Saturday, May 18 @ 7PM

Who’s going to Champs next month as the number one team? Will the High Rollers continue to own Lady Luck or will GNR rock the night?

Fans know that this is sure to be a grudge match between two undefeated teams. The bout is already SOLD OUT. No worries, if you didn’t get tickets, you can watch can watch the bout live here on our website.

Afterparty at the Sellwood Public House.

Kenton Street Fair

Sunday, May 19, 10 – 6PM

RCR skaters are heading up to North Portland to hang out with Paul Bunyan at the Kenton Street Fair. They will be kicking off the fair with a parade of skaters. Stop by the RCR booth and meet skaters from across the league. It’s also a great place to buy your tickets to Championships.

Season Opener Recap

Saturday, January 19th brought all the Rose City home teams back to Memorial Coliseum to battle it out in front of their fans, family, and some members of the Timbers Army. (Hi Timbers Army. Did you have an enjoyable time? Nice flags!) The first games of the Rose City Rollers’ home team season pitted the Guns N Rollers against the Heartless Heathers, and then the Break Neck Betties against the High Rollers.

Guns N Rollers 182, Heartless Heathers 156

This game looked a little lopsided at first, with the Heartless Heathers’ team defense holding GNR scoreless for the first five jams.

GNR tries to slow down Scratcher. Photo by Regularman.

In the end, though, like we’ve seen before, Scald Eagle racked up a lot of points fast when it was needed. Her 30 points in the 37th jam of the night gave GNR the lead, and her subsequent 30-point jam (yes, there were two in the last ten jams of the game) put the score at  184-145 in GNR’s favor with just a few minutes to go.

Ivana Thrasher is looking like a standout in the early part of the season. The latest transfer skater from Rainy City picked up 49 points for GNR. Fun fact: Mel Mangles, Napalm Beth, and JK Rolling also transferred from Rainy City. They must grow ‘em tough there.

Rinxter stat summary:

High Rollers 212, Break Neck Betties 156

Don’t get me wrong – all of these teams want to win every game they play. But after facing off the last two years at Championships, the High Rollers and Betties REALLY want to beat each other. Badly. If it seemed like there were a lot of penalties in this game, there were – but it was exactly the same number of penalty minutes as the 2012 season opener game between these two. Things can get a little intense.

The early going between HRMF and the Betties was something like the game earlier in the evening. The Betties fell behind early, but caught up to get a close lead of 85-81 at halftime.

A wall of green stymies DK. Photo by Skippy Steve.

Soon after halftime, Napoleon Blownapart changed the momentum for the team in green, taking advantage of Bettie penalties for a 35-point jam. Though the Betties would draw close again, a 24-point jam score for Feliz Brutality in the final minutes put the game out of reach for the 2012 champions.

It’s also important to note that during this game, though I may have been grumpy in parts due to the Betties not completely annihilating their opponents (I’m biased due to my first-hand knowledge that the Betties are the best and most attractive team ever assembled), my husband caught a t-shirt shot from a t-shirt cannon. Is there any greater accomplishment in sports spectatorship? Probably hitting a half-court shot for a bunch of money would be better, but still.

Everyone wants a t-shirt! Photo by Regularman

One more important game note: Can we talk about how confusing it is now that Mutch Mayhem lightened her hair? Like there weren’t enough blonde-ponytailed jammers for the Betties.

Rinxter stat summary:


Did you all have a nice time? I sure did. Thank you to all the volunteers and skaters who work so hard, and to all the fans who came out to enjoy it. Thank you to my husband too for standing in line to buy me a soft pretzel. That was delicious.

If you weren’t able to come in person, or if you want to re-live the magic, check out the full game videos on YouTube.

Our next games are the weekend of February 22-24 at the Hangar at Oaks Park. Tickets make a great Valentine’s Day present for those of you with significant others who like fun.

Bouts at the hangar do sell out, sometimes a week or two ahead of time, so don’t dilly-dally.

See you there!

Season Eight Opener Preview

By Macie

The Rose City Rollers are starting 2013 the only way they know how: with a mega load of roller derby. Come watch the season opener this Saturday, January 19th at the Memorial Coliseum. Upon this magnificent evening you will be given a gift of not one, but TWO full-length derby bouts! It’s not just derby, it is the full game night experience: intense game play, beer, salted pretzels…you will even witness the exciting performance of RCR’s own cheer squad, Purple Reign!

The Heartless Heathers will be taking on the Guns N Rollers for the first full-length bout of the season. These two teams have been looking fierce in scrimmage. GNR’s long-time jammer Scald Eagle is always mind-blowing,  and with many new and dynamic players on the Heathers this season, lineups will be fascinating to watch.

The second bout of the evening is the previously ranked top two – the Break Neck Betties vs the High Rollers. The Betties were RCR’s number one home team of 2012, but I see no “easy” win on Saturday. I’m no psychic, best you go see for yourself!

These teams both really want to win. Photo by Masonite Burn.

These teams both really want to win. Photo by Masonite Burn.

We might even get to see some of the newer rookie skaters tear it up. Keep an eye out for possibly some jamming by GNR’s Ivanna Thrasher, some great positional blocking from Mad-Eye Marli, new Bettie Scouts OnHer, and possibly some hits by Rogue One or Shaolin Spocker of the High Rollers.

You fight dirtiest with the ones you know the best, and these ladies will be getting down on the track. It will be a glorious and a very personal night of derby for the Rose City Rollers, united as they are in their love of the sport. United they skate with their will to win. I know the excitement is killing you already, so go get your tickets NOW.


Reminders: We’re playing by the new rules! No more minor penalties, and all skaters start on a single whistle.

There’s a Blazers game at 7pm at the Rose Garden, so come early to avoid traffic. Parking may be more expensive in the immediate area.

There’s no livestream of these games. Video coverage should be posted online on Monday.

Rose City vs. Rat City Recap

Bout #1: Heartless Heathers vs. Sockit Wenches

French Tickler and Tatty Munster shut down the Sockit Wenches. Photo by LocksDragon.

The Heathers started off-balance with a cut major by Scratcher in the Eye, sending her to the box in the very first jam. The Wenches quickly took a 23-0 lead, until the combination of jammers Scratcher and The Blast Unicorn and a strong four wall that consisted of French Tickler, Mel Mangles, Effy Stone ‘Em, and Tatty Munster put the Heathers on the board. We first saw an interesting move by Rat City in this bout, where some jammer on jammer action led to the Wenches’ jammer skating backwards around the entire track until Slay Miserables, jamming for the Heathers, was able to hop onto the track right in front of the pack. Two huge jams in favor of Rose City narrowed the point differential even further, paving the way for a lead change in the Heathers’ favor in the next jam. The Heathers held and extended their lead with strong, controlled pack play and some quick footed jamming, securing a final score of 95-72 for the Heathers.

Bout #2: Guns N’ Rollers vs. Derby Liberation Front

The Chicken Time Bomb takes on a Rat City three wall. Photo by LocksDragon.

GNR controlled the game from early on, gaining a lead of 18-3 by the fourth jam. Ivana Thrasher, a new draft for GNR, made her Rose City skating debut with a bang, navigating a power jam situation to extend the lead for GNR. The crowd went nuts after seeing a collision between Scald Eagle and Ophelia Melons that had the Rat City blocker on the ground. One Wrecker, Lisa, said of this bout that she particularly loved the “Scald Eagle/Roarshock Tess spanking machine that made a few appearances and owned DLF.” DLF made some valiant efforts to narrow the lead, but GNR was able to keep at least a 20 point lead over the Rat City team, ending with a final score of 99-63 in favor of GNR.

Bout #3: High Rollers vs. Throttle Rockets

Napoleon Blownapart is really excited about something. Photo by Frank Lavelle.

The High Rollers started this bout with some penalty trouble, which saw the Throttle Rockets taking an early lead. However, this did not last long, and the lead bounced back and forth between the two teams eight times over the course of the bout. This made for an incredible game for the crowd, as the two “teams were so evenly matched. It was exciting!” said Evil Regal. What stood out during this bout was the strong pack work by the High Rollers, especially the combination of Skeeve Holt, Texine, KicKassedy, and Rita Manuel, and some incredible jamming by Feliz Brutality and Napoleon Blownapart. In the end, the lead changes led to a High Rollers victory 126-88.

Bout #4: Break Neck Betties vs. Grave Danger

Mutch Mayhem escapes the pack. Photo by Frank Lavelle.

The Betties started off this bout with some good quick jams that gave them a 7 point lead. Early in the game we saw again the same move as in the Heathers’ bout, with Rat City’s Carmen Getsome skating backwards around the entire track. After a big jam by D. Konstructor, the Betties began to run into penalty trouble but held onto their lead of 26-14, which was then extended by Mutch Mayhem. Grave Danger then took the lead halfway through the bout despite big hits in the pack by Scrappy Go Lucky and Avalanche. A large powerjam by Mutch Mayhem had the crowd going wild and put a lot of points up for the Betties, but it wasn’t quite enough to take back the lead, and Grave Danger took the bout with a final score of 78-102.


Our next game will be the Season Eight Opener, with the Heartless Heathers taking on the Guns N Rollers, and the High Rollers taking on the Break Neck Betties. Be at the Memorial Coliseum January 19!

Rose City vs. Rat City Preview

By Effy Stone ‘Em as Juice Box Hero

Disclaimer: I am not a writer and I don’t know everything about Rat City. If this post sounds like I’m just thinking out loud, it’s because I am.

I am so excited for this night. You have no idea. Rose City and Rat City have their history together. Both leagues are filled with amazing talent and well-known skaters. Really, if you’re not going to be at the Memorial Coliseum on December 1st then you are going to have the most boring evening ever.

Bout #1: Heartless Heathers vs Sockit Wenches

For the first bout of the night, the Heartless Heathers are facing off against the Sockit Wenches. While the Heathers normally skate in blue, they’ll be playing in neon since the Sockit Wenches are also blue. It’ll be a great time (we will also have limited edition merch!) While both teams currently stand in 4th place with their respective leagues, this bout is going to be a great way to start the night off. The Heathers have seen a fair amount of turnover since this time last year and there are a lot of fresh faces on the team, including ex-GnR skater, Mel Mangles. The Sockit Wenches have a lot of talent on their team, including well known Anya Heels. Basically this will be the best bout of the night because you get to see one of RCR’s best blockers against RCRG’s best blockers. Don’t miss it.

Bout #2: GnR vs DLF

The battle of the acronyms is going to take place between Guns N Rollers and Rat City’s Derby Liberation Front. GnR recently took on the Throttle Rockets from Rat City and lost narrowly. GnR is back to defend their honor and with new draftee Ivana Thrasher, from Rainy City, it could totally happen. Besides the Heathers bout, this is the game I’m most looking forward to, mostly so I can heckle Ho Chi Danh. I’m also excited  to watch the jammers from this bout. Giant Scald Eagle versus tiny Kamikaze Kim? Yes please. Let’s see how many thousands of points Scald Eagle can get in half an hour.

Bout #3: High Rollers vs Throttle Rockets

If you came to the bout between GnR and the Throttle Rockets then you’ve had a taste of what this bout might be like. The High Rollers have had their fair share of retirements and new draftees over the off season. They’ve kept their go-to blockers, but you’ll see some differences in their jammer rotation. I know nothing about the Throttle Rockets except that they have Killah Kelly and Hard Cora (HardKillah) and it’s safe to assume that they’ll ruin at least one person’s life on the track that night. You could probably make a drinking game out of it.

Bout #4: Break Neck Betties vs Grave Danger

The last bout of the night, first place vs first place, will happen between the Break Neck Betties and Grave Danger. Unfortunately, the Betties have had a lot of awesome people retire from their roster, (keep up to date with roster changes at the Rose City Twitter), but they have also had their share of draftees. Did you hear they drafted FIVE people at the last draft? There’s a chance you’ll see some of those new skaters on the track! I hear that Leet and Dee Dee will be mascots for the Betties and that will obviously be a great time. I predict that this bout will contain lots of fast rollerskating from Mutch Mayhem and Carmen Getsome, lots of hard hits from Scrappy Go Lucky and Licker N Split, and lots of people in the stands saying “Did they just yell ‘Yeah, Betties, Meow?'”

MOST IMPORTANTLY, don’t forget to come to the after party. It will be at the Bossanova Ballroom and there will be dancing and drinking and skaters. I hope the DJ will play Whitney.


Thanks Effy/Juice Box! If you want to get tickets to this anti-boring event, get them online or find a Rose City Roller on the Blitz Bus on Thursday 11/29. They’ll be roaming the streets of Portland with cheap tickets, so follow along on Facebook and Twitter.

All You Need To Know About The New Rules

New rules – CAN YOU HANDLE IT?

The WFTDA voted in a new rule set that goes into effect right now. Right this moment, whenever you’re reading this. Just kidding – however – it will be in effect for our December 1st bout, so you’ll want to know the very basics.

There are two big changes:

  1. One Whistle to Rule/Start Them All
  2. No more minors

Let’s talk about what this means.

One-whistle starts

You’re used to hearing one whistle blast to start the pack, and two whistle blasts to start the jammers. That’s over.  In order to bring you from one to 120 extra seconds of action in each and every jam, all the players on the track can now move forward at one starting whistle. In the past, it was possible to have jams in which the jammers were never released. This was boring and not fun to watch or do. We threw that possibility out the window.

Skaters can still start on a knee, but really, why would they? They did that to make jams start faster, and that will no longer be an issue. You’ll see the blockers lining up anywhere between the pivot line and jammer line, but probably not on a knee.

Lying down on the track at the beginning of the jam is no longer allowed. I wasn’t aware that this was a problem, but there you have it. Relax later, ladies!

No more minor penalties

Some have been downgraded to non-penalties, and some are upgraded to major penalties, but no one will go to the penalty box for four accumulated minor penalties. Ever. Again. This should streamline penalty tracking, cause less penalty box confusion, and make the job of bench managers 3345907 times easier. You won’t see any more “poodling” or “cougaring” – standing out of position at the beginning of the jam to pick up an intentional fourth minor. We’re putting a few non-skating officials out of business for each game, which means a better view of the track for you.

Now, when you hear someone say we have “no more minors” they mean no more minor penalties. We still have our Rosebuds running around, and now the Rose Petals for girls aged 7-11.

More of these minors:

Photo by Masonite Birn

No more of these minors:

Photo by Skippy Steve

Other changes? Well, there are kind of a lot of little ones that you won’t notice too much. One to remember is that now jammers have to be upright on their skates to score points. No scoring while sliding past someone on their knees, or by jumping past someone if they don’t stick the landing.

Derby News Network has a roundup of the major changes, or read the whole thing from the WFTDA.

Rose City skaters have been playing with one-whistle starts for a couple of weeks at league scrimmages, and the league held a town hall meeting to discuss the new rules.

As fans, you’ll have the opportunity to give the WFTDA feedback on these new rules after we’ve had the chance to play with them a little while. We live to skate – and serve.

You can see the new rules in action at Memorial Coliseum on December 1st.

Any questions?

Holiday Food and Clothing Drive


Come support your local roller derby and help families in need this holiday season! The Rose City Rollers are hosting a food and clothing drive at the Rose City vs. Rat City 4×4 bout on Dec. 1st at Memorial Coliseum. Donations benefit Portland Police Bureau’s Sunshine Division, our current Community Outreach Partner. Help Sunshine Division serve our community by bringing a donation of new or lightly used clothing or nonperishable food items to the bout, and you’ll receive a $2-off discount coupon for Rose City Rollers merchandise!

Suggested Donations

  • Food: cereal, canned fruit or vegetables, dry beans or grains, tuna fish, pasta sauce or canned tomatoes
  • Clothing: men’s, women’s and children’s clothing (all sizes), men’s and women’s professional clothing, children’s underwear and socks (all sizes)

To purchase tickets for the bout, visit For more information about the drive, email RCR at

Thank you!



2012 WFTDA Championships – Days One and Two

Good morning from sunny Atlanta, Georgia!

I don’t mean to make you jealous, but it is lovely and sunny and warm here, and the city is full of beautiful rollergirls getting into trouble. Or getting up to hijinks, I should probably say.

Championships this year are taking place in a big convention center hall. It’s a little like the Expo Center in that the vendors, the warm up areas, and the bouting track are all in one big room. Your view is something like this in the front row.

From the floor…

You can see the big screen at turn three showing the live stream – nice touch!

Gotham vs. Denver

Rose City is represented here by a few hard-working people: Rocket Mean, Stegoscorus, Derek and Hellslinger. Then there’s Scarlene and I.

Tracking them penalties for Rinxter!

If you like stats, thank someone from our Rinxter crew sometime.


After two days of play, we have Texas and Denver playing for third place, and Oly and Gotham playing for first place. (Want recaps of what’s happened so far? Check DNN or the WFTDA website.)

If you’re in Portland today, you should go to Kelly’s Olympian for the Wheels of Justice Lovefest bout viewing party. Watching roller derby with people as passionate as the Wheels of Justice is always a good time.  (Between you and me, internet, I think they’ll be rooting for Gotham. Go Mick Swagger!)

If you’re in Atlanta, well, come say hi.