2012 WFTDA Championships – Days One and Two

Good morning from sunny Atlanta, Georgia!

I don’t mean to make you jealous, but it is lovely and sunny and warm here, and the city is full of beautiful rollergirls getting into trouble. Or getting up to hijinks, I should probably say.

Championships this year are taking place in a big convention center hall. It’s a little like the Expo Center in that the vendors, the warm up areas, and the bouting track are all in one big room. Your view is something like this in the front row.

From the floor…

You can see the big screen at turn three showing the live stream - nice touch!

Gotham vs. Denver

Rose City is represented here by a few hard-working people: Rocket Mean, Stegoscorus, Derek and Hellslinger. Then there’s Scarlene and I.

Tracking them penalties for Rinxter!

If you like stats, thank someone from our Rinxter crew sometime.


After two days of play, we have Texas and Denver playing for third place, and Oly and Gotham playing for first place. (Want recaps of what’s happened so far? Check DNN or the WFTDA website.)

If you’re in Portland today, you should go to Kelly’s Olympian for the Wheels of Justice Lovefest bout viewing party. Watching roller derby with people as passionate as the Wheels of Justice is always a good time.  (Between you and me, internet, I think they’ll be rooting for Gotham. Go Mick Swagger!)

If you’re in Atlanta, well, come say hi.



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