Semifinals and Pegacorns

It’s time to get down to the business of the Rose City Rollers intraleague semifinals and finals. Doesn’t it seem like the season just started? Well, the regular season went out with a bang with last weekend’s win by the Break Neck Betties over the Guns N Rollers. It was LOUD in there.

Joyride clears the pack. Photo by Sharkey.


Current Standings:

  1. High Rollers (3-0)
  2. Break Neck Betties (2-1)
  3. Guns N Rollers (1-2)
  4. Heartless Heathers (0-3)

The first and fourth-place teams will play each other in semis, then the second and third-place teams. That means the High Rollers play the Heathers on Friday, May 4th, and the Betties play GNR on Saturday, May 5th. Winners play for the Season Seven Championship. Losers play for third place.

Any predictions?


Skater Resources

Last weekend was Squid Vicious’ last game with Rose City. Good luck, Squid!

Squid jams for GNR. Photo by Sharkey.

Since the last time we checked in, Mel Mangles has returned to GNR, and Scratcher in the Eye has returned to the Heartless Heathers. That could shake semis up a little.

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Coming Up

Semis will be awesome, but they’re a month away, and we’ve got really good stuff happening in April. How about the first Wheels of Justice bout of the season? Chicago’s coming to town on April 14th, and we want the Memorial Coliseum to be filled with purple. Skaters have tickets with no fees, and they’d love to sell you a few. As a matter of fact, I have some on me right now.  Tickets are also available online.

Make your plans and your costume. We have a reputation as some of the craziest fans in roller derby, so let’s show Chicago what’s what.

Pegacorns unite


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