Early season round-up

Hi! It’s been a while, blog friends. Since Courtney Ferguson has been doing a bang-up job of recapping our bouts on the Portland Mercury blog, I’m just sitting back, painting my nails red, and drinking protein smoothies out of my 2011 Champion mug. It’s a simple life, but a pleasant one.

Hard to believe, but half of the Rose City Rollers’ regular home team season has been played. Each team has played twice, and will play one more time before semifinals. At semifinals, the first and fourth-place teams will play each other, as well as the second and third-place teams. Winners of semifinal games go to the championship bout, and losers play for third place.

The current rankings after two games are:

  1. High Rollers (2-0)
  2. Break Neck Betties (1-1)
  3. Guns N Rollers (1-1)
  4. Heartless Heathers (0-2)


We haven’t listed out retirements for quite some time, (December 9th? Geez!) though we’ve been trying to keep you updated on Facebook and Twitter. Like us and/or follow us for the details in real time.

The following people have officially stepped down or retired since then. Boo:

  • Bella Massacre
  • Slim Sheety
  • Butcher Block
  • Skintastic Dynomite
  • Devaskating Deva
  • Uff-da
  • Slaughtra


Goodie Two Skates, Cadillac, Megahurtz, and SheRex have all come back. Yay!

Let’s see: what else is going on?

Dates to remember:

March 10th: Wreckers Orientation

March 16th: Betties vs. Derby Liberation Front (Seattle)

March 17th: Heartless Heathers vs. High Rollers

March 18th: Rosebuds – Rainbow Bites vs. Undead Avengers

March 30th: Heartless Heathers vs. Terminal City (Vancouver, B.C.)

March 31st: Break Neck Betties vs. Guns N Rollers

April 14th: Wheels of Justice vs. Windy City (Chicago)


There will be a costume contest at the April 14th bout. Do not disappoint.

 Anything else you want to know about? Drop a line or comment below.

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