Season 7 Opener Recap

That was fun, getting 3000 people together to watch some roller derby on a Saturday night at Memorial Coliseum. Let’s do it again in April when Windy City is in town.

As a skater, it’s hard to recap these double-headers. Luckily for me, Courtney from the Mercury and Oregon Sports News already did.  My expertise in this circumstance is more like…which Bettie left their uniform in the locker room after the game? (Megahurtz.) Who was hula hooping backstage? (Honey, duh.)  Who has the best red lipstick? (Avalanche.) Who swears the most on the track? (Depends on the game.) (Sorry, that was a total tease.)

GNR 164, Heartless Heathers 56

See, I told you that GNR had improved over the summer. And yes, Scald Eagle is pretty good, but Untamed Shrew was the lead scorer for the team and the game with 47. (How do I know this? Stats are now available online.)

Photo by Fun Frank

That sneaky Blast Unicorn got the high score for the Heartless Heathers with 17.

They're not saying "Boo" - they're saying "BU!" Photo by Sharkey

High Rollers 138, Break Neck Betties 126

Fans, you seemed to like this one.  Other than the part where my team lost, it was a really fun game to play as well. Fast, hard-hitting, strategic, with new and old faces. Loved it.

Joyride and Sully fight for position. Photo by Sharkey.


The Betties had a balanced scoring attack, led by Joyride with 40 points, and a 25-point jam to put us up early.  Napoleon scored 52 for the High Rollers, including a 30-point jam. Showoff!

(I kid, I kid.)

Napoleon goes for some more points. Photo by Sharkey,

Thank you to everyone who made it out. Remember that capacity is  lower for bouts at the Hangar, and buy your tickets early.

See you there soon?

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