Diaries of a Wannabe Derby Girl: Week 2

Last night was the beginning of the second week of bootcamp, and damn, it feels like I’ve been doing this forever. Maybe it’s because I was on vacation, or maybe it’s because I feel so comfortable doing this…like I’m at home. Yeah, I think I’ll go with that last one, it sounds better and is probably closer to the truth. ;)

Before practice we had an optional “bonus” class we could go to. Beki Safar from the skate shop at Oaks Park talked to us a bit about skate maintenance. It was very informative and I now understand some of the skate lingo that’s been thrown around practice, so I don’t have to just nod and smile when someone talks about trucks and bearings.

Because the class was right before practice, I had to bust ass to get back over to the hangar to put my gear on, warm up, and stretch out. I definitely felt a little rushed and didn’t get properly warmed up. My legs were stiff and shaky at the same time, like I’d forgotten to skate, and I promise I did some cross-training exercises at the beach on my vacation! I did notice that my trucks ( ;) ) seemed a little looser than the last time I wore them, but I just kept skating. It took almost half of practice to feel like I was warmed up. My skating form was atrocious looking, I’m sure, but I just tried to relax and keep up with everyone else.

Miss Mary Mac and Smack Ya Sideways were the guest coaches yesterday, and we went over all the basics again. I finally tried doing a crossover yesterday, and although it didn’t go exceptionally well, I have confidence that I’ll get the hang of it soon. It also didn’t help that I was doing it on the inside of the track, because everyone else was doing something more advanced on the track. I still have Saturday’s practice to work on it, and on Sunday morning I’m going to go to Smack’s private lessons at the hangar to work on my crossovers and T-stops.

At the end of practice, Smack had us doing pace lines and weaving in and out of skaters without touching them. I’m not quite skilled enough to do that, so I retreated to the inside of the track to practice pace lines with a newer, novice skater and Joyride (who was the woman that helped me out with weaving last Saturday, but I didn’t know then that it was the infamous Joyride). It was a nice feeling to be skating with someone who was just as novice or even more novice than me, but because being the most novice skater is sometimes a daunting feeling I should have gone up to her after practice and told her to stick with it. Hopefully she’ll be at practice tomorrow so I can offer her encouragement.

There seemed to be several skaters who sat out for some or all of practice because of injuries, and I have to admit that I was a little paranoid. But it also made me realize that I need to properly warm up and stretch before practice. I have been icing my knee after practices and taking ibuprofen to help with any swelling or soreness. I’ve had enough sports injuries in high school to know how to stay on top of any nagging injuries, but because this is dangerous and more of a contact sport I’m going to have to be extra vigilant.

I feel like I need to do something skate-related today. I might go to the early skate sessions at Oaks and work on my form, or I might go check out Wreckers practice and see if it’s something I want to start doing. Or maybe I’ll just go to Wreckers and then go to the 7-9:30 skate session at Oaks. Hit two birds with one stone. Damn, I’m such an overachiever. :)


Wannabe Derby Girl

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