Diaries of a Wannabe Derby Girl: Endurance Training

Yesterday we did some endurance training on skates in the hot hangar heat. Draggin wasn’t there, but Saul T. Scrapper was, and he made sure to give us a good workout. We did a lot of skating drills that definitely worked our quads and thighs. The muscles around my knees (especially my left one) were cramping up big time, and I had to step off the track a couple of times to stretch it out.

We also worked on 180° turns and skating backward. Saul T. Scrapper had us practice the “tomahawk” move, which helps ease the transition from skating forward to skating backward. I tried it out and wasn’t very good at it. I had trouble staying straight and keeping my momentum. Every time I managed to turn around, I came to a stop…mostly because I fell down. By the end of practice, I had improved a little bit, but I still need some work on that.

Because we were doing endurance training, we of course had to do something that would increase our heart rate and push us, and what better way to do that than with some pyramid suicides? It involved push-ups and laps, and it kicked my butt. My problem was that I could only skate so fast, and I was usually the last person from my group on the track, which meant less time for me to do push-ups and rest. I have to admit, though, it was kind of fun to push myself and see how fast I could go. I kinda wanted to do more…is that sick and twisted or what?

By the end of our pyramid suicides, the hour practice for bootcampers was up and the Fresh Meat headed over to Oaks for either more endurance training or speed skating. Scrapper was kind enough to stay longer and lead some more drills. I stayed for another half an hour and then I had to call it a day.

I’m hoping to be able to get some one-on-one lessons with Smack this week, since I missed her early morning practice yesterday. If not, I will for sure be going to Mary Mac’s practice on Friday evening. Until then, I’ll try and get my ass to Oaks Park to practice on my own. Anyone with nothing better to do can join me if you want!


Wannabe Derby Girl

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