League Leadership

Rocket Mean, Executive Director
WFTDA Sponsorship Chair
Founded Rose City Rollers in 2004

Intensive Scare, Board President
Trauma ICU Nurse, OHSU
Joined RCR in 2006

F-Bomb, Board Vice President
WFTDA Compliance Panel Chair
Outreach Coordinator, National Alliance on Mental Illness
Joined RCR in 2007

Penni Pathoholic, Board Treasurer
Veterinary Pathologist, Antech Diagnostics
Joined RCR in 2010

JL-Breaker, Board Secretary
Joined RCR in 2012

Push La Tush, Member Rep #1 (BB & FM)
Joined RCR in 2009

Tyger Bomb, Member Rep #2 (GNR & RB)
Labor Relations Analyst, City of Portland
Joined RCR in 2008

Scratcher in the Eye, Member Rep #3 (HH, Officials, & TT-only)
Acupuncturist, SPortland Acupuncture
Joined RCR in 2006

Roarshock Tess, Member Rep #4 (HR & Wreckers)
Program Specialist and Curriculum Development Coordinator, Impact NW
Joined RCR in 2011

Mad Science, Director at Large #1
RCR Sponsorship Manager
Wreckers admin: sponsorship and fundraising
Faculty Librarian, User Experience Specialist, Portland Community College
Joined RCR in 2011

Freewill, Director at Large #2
Business Intelligence Solution Architect, Oregon Health Authority (State of Oregon)
Joined RCR in 2011