Our Vision Statement

RCR’s vision is to train the best roller derby athletes and teams in the world, to lead the growth of the sport locally and internationally, and to increase access for members and fans alike.

Our Mission Statement

The Rose City Rollers mission is to serve women and girls who want to play the team sport of roller derby, connect with an inclusive community, and realize their power both on skates and off.

Core Values

Play strong, train smart, and have fun.
Be welcoming and embrace differences.
Respect the game and each other.
Keep making it better.
Bring your best self and trust others to do the same.


Our Skaters

The Rose City Rollers league is made up of over 400 smart, tough, accomplished women who skate fast, hit hard, and defy stereotypes about female athletes and women’s sports. Our league is made up of 4 home teams, 1 internationally-ranked All-star travel team, 2 youth leagues and a recreational program with skaters ranging in age from 7 to 60 years old. The Rosebuds and Rose Petals, our youth leagues, are comprised of more than 120 girls. The Rosebuds skaters learn leadership skills through participation in all aspects of the organization. These young women learn about themselves, gain a sense of pride and empowerment by working together as a team towards a common goal. In fact all our skaters put in countless hours in support of our league and the local non-profits we partner with each quarter.

Our Volunteer Spirit

As an almost entirely volunteer-run organization, the Rose City Rollers offer opportunities for skaters and community volunteers to learn professional skills by working and training along side experienced professionals in the fields of media, film, marketing, development, event planning, graphic design, and more. Our volunteers also work hard to support local non-profit organizations whose missions resonate and reflect the RCR mission. We are hard at work building a strong, supportive, and welcoming community of skaters, fans, volunteers, and other organizations.

Our Awesome Events

The skills, dedication and enthusiasm of our volunteers is evident in the professional quality of our events. We make every effort to provide our fans a fun, safe, family friendly experience. There is the excitement of the sport, the lighting, announcers, video, music, vendors, entertainment, give aways, fan involvement, helpful yellow shirts, and on and on. One thing that Rose City Rollers’ more than 22,000 annual bout-attending fans know is that RCR puts on an awesome show. There are many opportunities to connect with the Portland and greater Pacific NW community, including our annual “civil war” against Seattle, private bouts for season pass holders, or any other of our 21+ bouts a year. Don’t forget after parties, benefits for local non-profits, parades, and much more.