Derby Daze double-header preview

Are you ready for another weekend of derby madness?  Amidst the action and antics of the annual Derby Daze of Summer fans will be treated to a double-header bout between teams from Washington, Oregon, and California.  This Saturday, August 28th, the Atomic City Rollergirls Toxic Avengers from Tri-Cities, WA will be taking on the Lava City Roller Dolls Cinder Kitties of Bend, OR.  Following will be a bout between Derby Revolution of Bakersfield, CA and our own Axles of Annihilation (aka Axles, aka AoA), Rose City’s b-level travel team.  The action goes down at the Hangar at Oaks Park, with doors opening at 5pm and the event kicking off at 6pm.

Atomic City has been around since 2007 and includes skaters from the Columbia Basin.  As a relatively new league they are already making a name for themselves in Eastern Washington, recently selling out the Toyota Arena for their bout against Lilac City (Spokane).  They will be meeting Lava City’s b-level travel team the Cinder Kittens, who so far this year has racked up wins against Coos County (173-79) and Southern Oregon (150-99).

Derby Revolution of Bakersfield Militia was founded in 2006.  They are not a WFTDA-ranked league, but have participated in bouts and tournaments including the Battle for the Coast in Ventura this year (where they lost to Orange County 89-51 and San Diego 114-2).

Axles of Annihilation nearly swept the Battle for the Coast Tournament last May, travelling to Ventura, CA to take on the LA Riettes and the Ventura VenDolls in mini ½-bouts (both wins for AoA, 68-31 and 68-22, respectively).  We made it to the A-level final bracket but lost to the San Diego Wildfires.  For those of you who haven’t seen AoA in action yet (their only other bout this year was an away game against Olympia’s Dropkick Donnas, which we won 289-31), this is your first opportunity to learn more about an incredibly talented group of ladies.  Being one of the biggest leagues in the country, the Rose City Rollers has to have a system for progression of talent which encourages skaters to learn, grow, become more competitive and skillful, and advance to the next level at their own pace.  The final stage of this hierarchy is the travel teams.  Once a skater has been drafted from Fresh Meat onto a home team, they can then be selected to join the Axles of Annihilation (while remaining on their home team roster).  AoA travels, trains, competes, and feeds skaters to the All-Star travel team Wheels of Justice when spots become available.

This summer saw the retirement of much of the Axles of Annihilation’s roster, which left captains Viagrrra Falls and Texine looking for some fresh blood.  Three of their best players were asked to join the Wheels of Justice (Heidi-Go-Seek, Fire Crotch, and Shove Me Tender), leaving some major holes in the Axles’ defense.  Lucky for us SuperFans, some of my favorite skaters stuck around, including powerhouse jammer Minstrel Psycho and multi-tasking Twat Rocket (who is as fun to cheer for as she is to watch).  AoA also added several up-and-comers who had very promising home seasons to their roster.  Deva Destrruxion helped her home team the High Rollers win the 2010 League Championship in June, and The Blast Unicorn (Heartless Heathers) is having one hell of a rookie season, having only been drafted from Fresh Meat at the beginning of the year.  I, for one, can’t wait to see what these talented ladies can do.

Check out SuperFan George’s interview with Texine on the Heartless Heathers blog The Coroner’s Inquest.  And there is lots going on during the Derby Daze of Summer weekend, so check out the page on the RCR site for a full schedule and details, or the fan forum for discussion and FAQs.  I’ll see you Saturday at the hangar for sure, basking in the glow of talent that is, as SuperFan Swag says, “a hell of a ‘b’ team, that.”

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